Danica Carlson Keener

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Portland, OR
Portland State University
Health & Wellness, Relationships, Skincare
  • When Danica's first essay was published in the OC Register when she was 10, she knew she would become a writer. She realized her dreams as a health writer for LiveStrong, a fashion writer at a boutique fashion chain, and a ghostwriter for a major skincare line.
  • She spent five years as a licensed massage therapist working in holistic health settings, gaining expertise in health and wellness.
  • Danica loves the experience of learning and growing through other cultures in her travels around Central America, the U.S., Southeast Asia, and parts of Europe.


Danica is a writer and content specialist with over five years of experience writing for major online publications. She's worked as a copywriter for a large firm and in-house and has ghostwritten for several prominent brands. In 2018, one of her short stories was published in Pathos Literary Magazine. Danica's life has also revolved around health and wellness. Whether in her practices, during her time as an LMT, or while earning her degree, she's spent her lifetime gaining expertise in the field. She loves exploring new places, whether around the Pacific Northwest, where she lives, or across the globe. When she's not writing, she's exploring Portland's incredible food scene with her partner and their child.


Danica received her BS in Liberal Studies with a minor in writing -- she used her liberal studies major to focus her studies on sociology and psychology when she wasn't taking writing courses. She also received her AA in massage therapy and was a licensed massage therapist for five years.
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