Jo Light

Photo of Jo Light
University Of Oklahoma
Movies, TV, Screenwriting
  • Jo started her career as a Hollywood development assistant, working with a producer of several film and television projects with pod deals at ABC and Sony TV.
  • She is an accomplished script reader and analyst, working first for the story department at Relativity Media and then spending five years at the talent agency, ICM Partners.
  • Jo has written as a freelance journalist for the Oklahoma Gazette and No Film School, and teaches college-level writing and communication courses.


Jo has a background in journalism, entertainment, and creative writing. As a contributing writer and then managing editor at No Film School, she has written film theory and criticism articles, as well as interview pieces with some of entertainment's biggest creators. She's also written arts and culture pieces in traditional journalism settings. As a development assistant and story department employee in Hollywood, she became an expert in film and TV storytelling, and now develops screenplays of her own.


Jo graduated with a bachelor's degree in journalism and a master's degree in professional writing, giving her both a background in journalism and reporting as well as a foundation in creative storytelling.