Stephanie Sala

Boston, MA
Boston University
Pop Culture, Celebrities, Reality TV
  • Stephanie has freelanced as a reality TV news writer for the past two years, and worked for Monsters and Critics.
  • Stephanie spends all of her time researching what is trending in the film and television industry.
  • Stephanie follows celebrity news and what is going on in the entertainment industry.


Stephanie Sala has been freelance writing in television and film for the past two years. She worked as a reality TV news writer for the site Monsters & Critics. Stephanie near-religiously envelopes herself in everything pop culture and celebrity, and she constantly researches what is trending in the television industry. She studied magazines growing up, and has continued her love for celebrity news ever since. Everything from the Real Housewives to Marvel to HBO; Stephanie is an avid consumer of all of it!


Stephanie is a Film & TV Major and Media Science Minor at Boston University in the School of Communication.
Stories By Stephanie Sala