King Charles Receives An Unexpected Greeting From A Fan Outside Buckingham Palace

After mourning the death of Queen Elizabeth II at Balmoral Castle in Scotland, King Charles III and the Queen Consort, Camilla, returned to London. As reported by ITV, the royal couple arrived at Buckingham Palace and emerged from their vehicle to a large crowd, who had gathered along a fence line to offer their condolences and well wishes.

While the queen consort started at one end of the fence, King Charles III approached the other to do a "walkabout," the term used when royals greet spectators, as noted by Harpers Bazaar. The King moved down the line, talking and shaking hands with people. Several kissed his hands, but one woman was a bit braver, as was captured by the ITV cameras and posted on Twitter. As he approached her, she grasped his shoulder and pulled him in for a kiss on the cheek, ending it with a loud "Mwauh!" It appears he thanked her, then kept moving down the line.

Twitter didn't gloss over the moment quite so easily, however. One person noted, "She won't forget the moment she got to kiss our King!" Another remarked, "This lady kissing him shows me how the public feel so much a part of the Royals life." Even ITV News Royal Editor Chris Ship couldn't resist commenting on the kiss, singling out the moment caught on film with a tweet, "And here is the moment one lady in the crowd reached and kissed King Charles on the cheek..."