The Queen's Former Butler Reveals The Unexpected Habit She Gave Up After Prince Philip's Death

News of Queen Elizabeth II's heartbreaking death came after months of growing health concerns for the 96-year-old monarch. Over the years, Her Majesty's daily routine had been analyzed, revealing things like what the queen typically ate in a day, such as a simple breakfast and a light lunch (via British Heritage). Additionally, she was said to enjoy ending her night with her favorite cocktail, a gin and tonic (via CNN).

However, the queen's alcohol consumption habits reportedly changed following the death of her beloved husband, Prince Philip, in 2021. Queen Elizabeth's former butler, Paul Burrell, is now claiming that the queen opted to quit drinking altogether following Philip's death, even though drinking gin every night can help with indigestion. "Since Prince Philip died she hasn't had a drink at all, she's been drinking apple juice and tomato juice on doctor's orders," Burrell told The Daily Mail. "Before that, she loved a gin and tonic and she could drink several in an evening and a martini. She loved a drink!" he added. 

The former butler also remembered the queen's love for jam sandwiches, which she enjoyed eating during picnics with her sister, Princess Margaret. "The Queen loved to go picnicking on the hillside and with princess Margaret, they'd go and pick wild strawberries and blueberries and the chef would make jam and they'd have it at tea time," he revealed. It appears that the queen may have been taking her health more seriously in her final days of life.