How The September 10 Full Moon Will Affect You If You're An Aquarius

While we're still trying to cling on to the final moments of summer, there's no denying that the leaves changing and Starbucks bringing back pumpkin spice lattes is a sign of the tides changing. Fall is upon us. The magic of falling leaves and a break from all of these heatwaves is certainly welcome, and if you're a fall lover, the September 10 full moon is tailor-made for you. Officially called the Harvest Moon, this full moon ushers in the autumn — although if you've fallen down a certain TikTok rabbit hole, you'll appreciate that it is also referred to as the Corn Moon, per Old Farmer's Almanac

The astrological sign a full moon lands alongside plays a big role in determining the energy it brings with it. The September 10 full moon lands in dreamy Pisces and also connects to Neptune, per Women's Health Magazine. This means the full moon will be all about dreams — it is about figuring out how you should pursue them and releasing everything that is holding you back from living out your fantasy. Of course, the only thing more important than when the full moon lands is how it directly impacts your zodiac sign. Only then will you understand how to maximize its full potential, and it's all about abundance for you, Aquarius.

Money, money, money

Hearing that this full moon is all about finances might not seem like the most exciting news, Aquarius (January 20 to February 18), but it's necessary. The September 10 full moon lands in your second house of income, and it is time to take stock of where your money is going, per InStyle. Who isn't recovering from a summer of embracing any and all plans and exciting purchases? But with the changing seasons comes the realization that maybe it's time to buckle down on figuring out what spending habits could change and improve. Use this full moon to figure out your budget and how it can allow you fulfillment without breaking the bank, and as for any toxic spending habits? This full moon is the time to release them and figure out a happy medium that is best for both you and your bank account. 

Now, landing in your second house of income does not only mean figuring out your literal cash flow, it is much deeper than that. The full moon is the time for Aquarius to explore where your money is coming from and whether that is fulfilling you, per InStyle. Whether in the case of your career or any side hustle you have going on, use this time to figure out whether or not your income matches your own personal values. Money holds both power and energy, so make sure yours is coming from a place of joy and fulfillment.

Life is about give and take

Now that we're done with all of the accounting business comes the fun part. Abundance does not only mean money. The full moon also activates Aquarius' second house of personal values, per Woman & Home. You don't just want your literal bank account sorted out, your mental bank account is just as important. You want to feel confident in where you're spending your money, and more importantly how much money you're making. You should be proud of what you make, and if you feel you're underselling yourself then it's time to release that. You know what you're worth, Aquarius, so stop settling for less. 

Of course, energy is just as important of a resource to spend. Check in on yourself and how draining some areas of your life may feel. Sometimes you fall victim to a cycle of giving and giving without taking. This full moon is the time for you to assess where you're spending your time and energy, and whether those resources could be better allocated, per Cosmopolitan