General Hospital's Wes Ramsey Shares Heartwarming Tribute To His 'Darling' Laura Wright

In 2005, actress Laura Wright took over the role of Carly Corinthos on "General Hospital," also taking on all of the drama that came with the character. Wes Ramsey started playing the villain Peter August — a.k.a. Henrik Faison, son of megalomaniac Cesar Faison (Anders Hove) — in 2017, according to Soap Central. Ramsey and Wright first met when they were both on "Guiding Light," per CheatSheet, but Wright was married at the time and both left the show in different years. When they encountered one another years later at an Emmy party, they were happy to see each other. Ramsey was delighted to find out that Wright had since gotten divorced. He asked her out, and although she was hesitant due to their seven-year age difference, Wright agreed and they've been a happy couple ever since.

While their characters rarely interacted on-screen, the real-life couple shared many moments of their romance on social media with Ramsey once posting on Instagram, "Here's to my best friend, thank you for the fun & excitement of US & here's to still feeling like we're on that first date!" Family, friends, and fans alike were delighted to see the two so happy together. One fan posted a heartfelt reply saying, "Such beautiful words. If everyone had someone that felt that way about them, the world would be a much happier place."

Recently, Ramsey shared Wright's birthday with the world on social media.

Wes Ramsey illustrates his true love for Laura Wright

Former "General Hospital" actor Wes Ramsey shared a loving birthday wish for his girlfriend, actress Laura Wright, on Instagram, posting a picture of her on their boat holding their dog saying, "Another magical year around the sun my darling & you're still shining so bright! May the gift of life & love continue to bless you with the laughter & strength & drive that define you & inspire others! Thank you for sharing your warmth with the world... Happy birthday baby!" Wright responded with, "Love you Baby!!!!!!" Several fans sent her birthday wishes as replies.

A super fan responded with, "Happy Birthday to the Queen of soaps!!" Another fan wrote, "Happy birthday to one inspirational lady and brilliant actor. Thank you for all your work and the joy you give us every day!" The praise continued with one reply stating, "Love love love her! One of my fav characters on 'GH!' Stunning pic!" A happy fan shared their appreciation for Wright's body of work saying, "Very strong and beautiful woman. I love your style." One reply that showed both actors are beloved by fans stated, "Happy Birthday Laura I'm such a huge fan of yours Wes I loved watching you in the movie 'Latter Days.'"

Clearly, Ramsey is thankful for his real-life connection with Wright, and the fans were grateful to have been able to share in their special moment.