The Young And The Restless Fans Take A Clear Side In Victor And Adam's Forever War

Ever since Adam Newman returned to Genoa City in 2008 on "The Young and the Restless," he's been engaged in an ongoing battle with his father (via Soap Central). Whether Adam Newman has been portrayed by Chris Engen, Michael Muhney, Justin Hartley, or the current actor in the role, Mark Grossman, the character's motives have remained the same: All he wants is his father's love and respect and for the rest of the Newman's to treat him like a real part of the family. Sounds rational, right? 

The problem is that Adam hasn't always acted rationally and, in fact, he's been called "one of the most devious characters on daytime" (per The Advocate). Juicy stuff, no doubt, with the result being that the dynamic relationship between Adam and his father, Victor, portrayed by the one and only Eric Braeden, has always been engrossing. Their scenes are explosive, riveting, and typically pack an emotional wallop. Fan support has swayed between Victor and Adam over the years, but it looks like the fans might finally be in agreement about whose side they're on in this endless tug of war.

The ongoing battle of Victor vs. Adam

The fans have been fascinated by Victor and Adam's feud on "The Young and the Restless" from the start because both men are flawed. Let's make that highly flawed. Shortly after Victor arrived in Genoa City, Eric Braeden reminded Soap Opera Digest that "he locked his wife's lover in the basement and fed him dead rats for dinner one evening." Not to be outdone, Adam stole Sharon's baby and pawned it off as Ashley's after he made the latter miscarry (per Soaps In Depth). 

However, what the fans love most is what Victor and Adam have done to each other. Victor has constantly pitted Adam against his two older children, Victoria and Nicholas, believing that a little professional competition among siblings makes them better in the boardroom. Victor even set Adam up for the murder of Constance Bingham and had him sent to prison. For his part, Adam teamed up with Jack to forge Victor's diary to try and implicate him in a murder, and has tried to kill Victor in an ill-fated poisoning attempt (per Soap Opera News). For the longest time, this domestic warfare has split the fanbase, but it looks like the tide has turned in one character's corner.

The fans have chosen the victor

Based on the most recent social media posts the fans have decided who they're backing in this long-running father-son feud and the victor isn't Victor — it's Adam. It looks like the Dark Knight may have gotten a bit too dark for the fans' taste and they've been calling Victor out for not accepting Adam's recent decision to become Jack's co-CEO at Jabot (via Soaps She Knows). 

While viewers are loving the scenes between Victor and Adam, the fans have been taking to Twitter in droves and the pendulum has swung in Adam's favor. They have called this storyline "heartbreaking" for Adam, and consider Victor to be acting like a "petulant child" and unable to accept that Adam needs to move on for his own growth. The fans also echo Adam's belief that he gets more respect from Jack than he does from Victor. That won't sit right with the mustache, but just like the classic rivalry between Katherine and Jill (per CBS), the feud between Victor and Adam shows no signs of slowing down and will likely entertain and infuriate fans for years to come.