How The Young And The Restless Fans Really Feel About Adam's Latest Revenge Scheme

The tension on "The Young and the Restless" is heating up. The Newmans regularly find themselves at the center of whatever trouble arises in Genoa City, even when they don't go looking for it. Newman Enterprises has always been the legacy family's top priority, and this has invited a lot of family drama they are still unpacking. The Newman family tree is complicated, and the fact that Adam Newman (Mark Grossman) doesn't share the same mother as his siblings has been a source of contention for them. 

Since Adam's exit as interim CEO of Newman Enterprises, he has made decisions that left the audience questioning his motives — including proposing a partnership between him and Newman persona-non-grata Ashland Locke (Robert Newman), per Daily Soap Dish. His family's involvement in Ashland's death (however accidental), and the subsequent coverup by daddy dearest Victor Newman, have only fueled the flames between them.

Adam is on a mission to prove that Victor did a bad, bad thing and covered up the fact that his brother Nick (Joshua Jacob Morrow) accidentally caused Ashland's death while defending their sister Victoria (Amelia Heinle) — and the evidence was pretty much handed to him on a silver platter, as reported by Soap Central. Adam overheard detective and brother-in-law Chance Chancellor and Kevin Fisher (Greg Rikaart) talking about the Ashland case, and after confronting Kevin, he stole his laptop which is full of incriminating evidence, according to

Adam is fully embracing his vengeful era, and fans aren't pleased

Adam Newman's feud with his family isn't ending anytime soon. His belief that Victor put more faith in his siblings than in him runs too deep and is part of what sparked his stepping down from Newman Enterprises (via Soaps in Depth). Now that he knows the truth about what happened that fateful night, it's clear he isn't above using this information to get what he really wants and besting his father along the way, reported Showbiz Army.

Adam's revenge scheme has fans torn. In one tweet, a fan lamented the vengeful path he is on, writing, "Adam, please don't go down this dark part again, for once why can't you be good always going to Evil." In another tweet, a viewer wished that Adam would give up his vendetta and pursue a more fruitful career opportunity, writing, "So Adam turned down Jack's offer to be co-CEO of Jabot so he could work on the truth about Ashland's death and hold Victor and the Newmans responsible. I hope Adam goes to work with Jack after that."

But there are some users who are in favor of Adam exploring his dark side. One fan tweeted that they're already anticipating the fallout from the (eventual) big reveal about the circumstances surrounding Ashland's death, writing, "Oops Adam got the secret. Can't wait to see it unfold."