The Britney Spears Song You Should Listen To If You're A Gemini

They say there are two sides to every story, but what about two sides to every person? When it comes to the air sign represented by the celestial twins, Geminis might find that to be true. In fact, per Allure, Geminis are often misinterpreted as being fake or two-faced because of the duality of their social, yet intellectual, disposition.


Much like the bad rap the Gemini sign often carries, pop icon Britney Spears has also experienced a sort of unfair labeling over the years. Ever since her iconic debut single "...Baby One More Time" hit the airwaves in 1999, Spears has been met with criticism and judgment from the public (via The Atlantic).

Since Gemini is ruled by Mercury, known as the planet of communication, the quick-witted air sign lives for lyric-driven and fast-paced songs, per Bustle. The great news is that Spears caters exactly to that need with hit songs like "Oops!... I Did it Again" and "I'm Not a Girl, Not Yet a Woman." There is one song, however, that best represents the complex Gemini that you should listen to if you were born between May 21 and June 20.


Gimme More reflects the duality of Geminis everywhere

Based on the music video alone, we can see that "Gimme More" was practically made for Geminis (via Garage). In the video, Britney Spears depicts two different women (did somebody say twins?) at a bar. Sporting a brunette wig, Spears is on stage — fearless, bold, and seemingly craving attention while dancing on a pole. Curiously watching her dance from the bar is a sophisticated blonde Spears, chatting politely with friends. Brunette Spears could illustrate Gemini's attention-seeking and theatrical side, while blonde Spears could represent Gemini's analytical and gentle side.


The lyrics in the song might resonate with the airy twin sign as well. In the chorus, Spears sings "Gimme, gimme (More)" over and over again, which practically screams Gemini, with their constant need for adventure and love of trying new things (via Bustle). Spears also famously sings in the song, "The center of attention (Do you feel that?)/Even when we're up against the wall." This line speaks to the souls of all Geminis, who, per Pink Villa, deserve all the attention they can get.

Per Sony, "Gimme More" marked Spears' highest charting hit since her mega-successful "...Baby One More Time," and much like the fun-loving and exciting Gemini, we can see why it got all the attention.

More Britney Spears songs for the ultimate Gemini playlist

Geminis are a complex mix of deep thinkers and adventurous spirits, and it seems as though Britney Spears curates her music to explicitly fit the Gemini lifestyle. Even though upbeat songs like "Gimme More" cater to Gemini's playful spirit, the twin sign also enjoys soulful music with deep lyrics that help them connect to the song and their inner emotions (via Trusted Teller).


With that in mind, there are a few Spears songs every Gemini should immediately add to their playlist to feel all the feelings. With lyrics like, "And you didn't hear/All my joy through my tears/All my hopes through my fears, Spears' "From the Bottom of My Broken Heart" is sure to put Geminis in their feels. "Born To Make You Happy" and "I Will Still Love You" are just a few other tracks from Spears' hit "...Baby One More Time" album that will give Geminis everything they need. The lyrics are emotional, deep, and soulful — just how Geminis like it.