King Charles Encountered A Familiar Problem For The Second Time Since His Ascension

Immediately following the heartbreaking death of Queen Elizabeth II, her son, then-Prince Charles, became king. It can't be easy becoming the leader of the United Kingdom while also mourning your mother, and for the newly titled King Charles II, taking the throne has brought along a few blunders.

Earlier in the week, Charles and Queen Consort Camilla made their way to Buckingham Palace for the first time since the queen had passed away (via the New York Post). After greeting some fans, the king attempted to enter the palace, only to appear confused about which door to enter. Many were wondering if he had even gotten the keys to his new digs yet!

Unfortunately for Charles, this would not be his last public blunder. While the king and queen consort were visiting Hillsborough Castle in Northern Ireland, Charles went to sign a book at the end of his time there, only to find the pen dripping ink (per the Daily Mail). Charles was heard telling Camilla, "God I hate this [pen]," handing it over to his wife who saved the day with a new one.

This was not the first time Charles found frustration from a pen after taking the throne. When signing the proclamation, he grew frustrated at a lingering inkpot on the table, gesturing for one of his aids to take it away.