Olivia Plath Slams Haters After Sharing Her Most Controversial Hobby Yet

Olivia Plath isn't letting the trolls get her down on social media. On September 12, the "Welcome to Plathville" star (via IMDb) shared videos of herself on her Instagram taking a pole dancing class, with the caption, "Super super rusty because this is my first pole class since May, due to my summer travels, but I'm so happy to be back at BrandiLand." Tagging the pole fitness studio in her story, Plath apparently caused quite a stir with some of her followers, based on the Instagram Stories she posted soon after.

Viewers of the TLC reality series "Welcome to Plathville" know Olivia Plath well — or so they might think. While on the show, she appears as the controversial wife who has seemingly corrupted Ethan Plath, the eldest son of the uber-conservative Plath family (per Woman's Day), against his parents' wishes. However, the professional wedding and elopement photographer (via her website) is much more than just a reality TV "villain."

On her Instagram, Plath shares many of the ups and downs of her life as a wife, traveling photographer, 20-something-year-old, and reality TV star. The recent Tampa transplant (per Screen Rant) left her hometown of Cairo, Georgia with her husband, younger sister, and brother-in-law in tow, and has since opened up about her life and true feelings about the hate she receives online — especially when it comes to engaging in hobbies that she loves. 

She often shares candid responses to her haters

After seeing her pole dancing videos, an Instagram user sent Olivia Plath a DM saying, "That's what every husband wants their wife to go on social media looking like a stripper. You are so delusional." After receiving the message, Plath clapped back and posted a screenshot to her Instagram Story with the caption, "This is disgusting. Don't be this kind of person." While her new hobby may seem controversial, the reality TV star isn't letting the haters steal her joy — especially on social media.

In response to the negative DMs, Plath also shared a post in her IG Story with the caption, "Some people get their cardio by dancing, singing, and laughing through life. Others achieve the daily cardio goal by running their mouth. Choose wisely. I'm off to yoga class" (via Soap Dirt). Despite the hate, Plath is going to continue living her best life.