Ethan Plath Reveals Where His Relationship With Olivia Is At In Rare Post

The Plath family — of "Welcome to Plathville" fame — has had a rocky year, announcing the pending divorce of Barry and Kim Plath during the fourth season of their reality show (per People). The brood's eldest son, Ethan Plath, and his wife Olivia Plath have struggled with how to navigate the unfolding drama. Recently, it came to light that Ethan was open to reconciling with his mother, Kim, who he has had a fractured relationship with, yet Olivia disagreed with his decision. When the Plaths gathered in a recent episode to visit the gravesite of Joshua Plath, Olivia stayed in the car to avoid having to face Kim.


These moments have exasperated the ongoing friction between Ethan and Olivia. The pair previously separated and almost divorced, eventually reuniting just in time for Season 4 of "Welcome to Plathville," according to In Touch Weekly. Still, the couple has continued to hit numerous bumps in the road, leaving many questioning how the young couple is really coping off-screen.

Ethan and Olivia Plath vacationed together in Europe

Ethan Plath rarely shares about his personal life on social media, but the 24-year-old reality star gave a quick update on how life is going after the Season 4 finale of "Welcome to Plathville." He posted a carousel of photos on his Instagram of him and Olivia Plath during their summer vacation, with the caption, "Had an awesome summer in Europe with my sweetie, definitely some soul searching moments. But it really does feel amazing to be back in the U.S. working on my motors and bikes!"


The post was a breath of fresh air amidst the Plath family chaos, and fans are rejoicing that the couple appears to be stronger than ever. "I'm really so happy for you two growing and powering through some really challenging things as a couple... I truly believe you two are meant for each other in all the best ways!" one fan commented, with another adding, "You two are my favorite."

Olivia, a photographer by trade, has also kept a steady stream of photos posted on her Instagram during the summer, documenting the smiling duo in picturesque destinations including Paris and Isle of Skye, Scotland.