The Royal Family's Flying Habits Have Twitter In A Tizzy

In July, Queen Elizabeth "curtailed" William, Prince of Wales, and Catherine's, Princess of Wales, travel by helicopter. Express reported that the queen was uncomfortable because the couple was "using it far more" than she thought they should. Royal expert Richard Palmer told Express, "I think there was a little bit of official unhappiness about the amount of time that the Cambridges were spending traveling between Anmer Hall in Norfolk and Kensington Palace, their London residence, using helicopters." In addition, King Charles III has been criticized for using private jets frequently while promoting climate change. But after reports that Buckingham Palace wanted world leaders to travel to the queen's funeral via buses, Twitter had many feelings on the topic.

One Twitter user tweeted, "Foreign leaders told to fly by domestic flights rather than private jets by the foreign office. Meanwhile, Boris & Liz went to the queen in TWO separate private jets.The royal family rushed to Balmoral in private planes and the queen's body is returning by private plane." But another Twitter user noted security concerns as the reason the two prime ministers traveled on separate jets, tweeting, "They should all be traveling by train though. If trains aren't fast enough then that's a failing of gov't again, invest more."

As the U.K. decides what they really think about their new king, King Charles III and William, Prince of Wales, will be under more scrutiny. The days of helicopter and jet travel might need to be cut back.