Shaina And Christos Get Us Ready For Love Is Blind After The Altar - Exclusive Interview

Netflix's hit reality dating show "Love Is Blind" focuses on the participants creating a deep emotional bond. The singles meet, date, and propose to one another all before meeting face to face. Then the show continues to follow the couples after they meet in person and bring the relationship into the real world. Each pair faces plenty of challenges and has to decide if their connection is strong enough to last.


The Season 2 cast recently reunited for "Love Is Blind After the Altar." The three-episode series gives viewers a chance to see how their favorite cast members have been since Season 2 ended. Season 2 participant Shaina Hurley was engaged to Kyle Abrams on the series. However, she broke off the engagement after deciding they weren't compatible. For the reunion special, Hurley was joined by her new partner Christos Lardakis. They were engaged during filming and have since been married. 

Prior to the show's release, the newlyweds had an exclusive interview with The List to discuss their experience on "After The Altar."

Why they were nervous to go on After the Altar

How are you two feeling about "After the Altar" coming out?

Shaina: Nervous.

Christos: Nervous. Yeah.

Shaina: I have a little ... Not PTSD, but it is a little nerve wracking because you don't know –

Christos: What to expect.


Shaina: Especially because it's his first time. I'm like, "Are you sure you want to do this?" But he was excited to film.

What made you want to come on even though you hadn't done anything like that before?

Christos: Honestly, my whole idea even going was to protect Shaina.

Shaina: Protect me?

Christos: I was her bodyguard. One, I just proposed to her the day before, so I wanted everyone to see just how happy we are and everything that we've gone through to [get there]. It was hard more for Shaina, right, because of what happened on the show, and it was a way to almost redeem her.

Shaina: He was my redeemer. I was excited for people to meet him.

Did you feel like after going on and talking to everyone, it went how you were hoping it would or not?


Shaina: No, no.

Christos: Definitely not.

Shaina: Nick and Danielle, they had met him (Christos) before, and so that was fine, but I felt like it was going into the lion's den a little bit ...

Do you have any concerns as it's coming out?

Shaina: Well, basically, I'm a little bit wiser this season. I was a little bit more careful not to be so reactive ... Nothing bad happened on our part, but it's going to be interesting to see what played out. We didn't know what was going on behind the scenes with the other cast members. I have no idea what was said without me being there or what was going on ... it's definitely going to be interesting for everything to be out in the air.

What it was like watching herself on Love Is Blind

What was it like reuniting with cast members who you might not have talked to since filming?

Shaina: I was civil with everybody, so ... when I had walked in, I didn't know it was Natalie's birthday. I thought it was just an '80s party, and so I was pretty caught off guard there, but it was definitely awkward because [we] don't talk, really. I wasn't expecting it because, again, nothing happened, so I didn't know what the big deal was or what was going on. It was awkward.


What was it like for you when "Love is Blind" first came out, watching the series back and seeing it for the first time?

Shaina: Because there's so much — there are thousands of hours of filming — what gets shown ... It was hard to watch. I'm not going to lie, but it's interesting, because a lot wasn't shown. It's hard watching yourself on TV. It's awkward.

What was it like for you two when you first started dating, and you were being thrown into the limelight? Did that affect your relationship at all?

Shaina: What do you think? What do you feel? How was it watching?

Christos: No, for me, it wasn't anything different. It was obviously –

Shaina: He knows who I am.

Christos: I don't care. I know her.


Shaina: He was like, "What is this?"

Christos: I know who she is, so watching it didn't change any ideas in my head because I knew who she was. She's such a kind soul and always looks out for others. It was fun watching a different side because when you're in front of a camera ... You're nervous, so who knows how? Some people act a little differently.

What Shaina learned from Love Is Blind

Shaina: Everyone's been so amazing in person, too. When we go out, people are so awesome, and they get it. They understand the concept of it, but people have been awesome, and he's been so sweet, and honestly, he's been the best support system. I don't think I could have gone through what I've gone through after the show coming out if it wasn't for him. He knows me, and he's been such a good support.


Is it still weird for you that people know who you are from the series?

Shaina: I find it crazy. I remember they were prepping us to go [on the show] like, "understand people are going to see." It's amazing how many people watch the show, and they're fans of the show, and honestly, the fans have been amazing. They've been so sweet, so awesome, and they've been amazing, actually. Every encounter.

Christos: Everywhere we go, if it's in New York, Chicago –

Shaina: Yeah, we were in Greece, and people in Greece were watching the show. It was hilarious. We were in Wisconsin, Lake Geneva, it's a small boating town, and people were like, "Oh my gosh, Love is Blind." It's funny. It's cool.

What were the biggest things you've learned since being on the show and going through all that?


Shaina: Don't be so reactive. I learned to be more forthright about what I'm feeling. Go with your gut. Have integrity in your decision making, also. If something feels off, don't do it. I'm working on my people pleasing. That was a huge thing for me. At the end of the day, [I'm] staying true to myself, learning to trust myself.

Stream "Love Is Blind: After the Altar" Season 2 on Netflix starting September 16, 2022.

This interview has been edited for clarity.