Throwback Video Of King Charles Goes Viral For Showing Off His Silly Side

Across the internet, stories recounting Queen Elizabeth's legendary sense of humor abound. A humorous clip of her casually handling a crown even made the queen an unexpected TikTok star. Now, King Charles III is demonstrating that, when it comes to zingers, he learned from the best.

A TikTok video from July 28, 2022, showcases Charles' hilarious reaction to a fan's request during the Commonwealth Games. "Charles, do you want to go for a beer?" Daniel Walker asks. "Where?" the now-king questions, earning him a big laugh from the crowd. Charles joins in and then adds, "You'll have to recommend somewhere."

While Charles didn't join Walker for a pint, he did spend more time talking to the fan. "He was about to walk off, but then saw me and put his hand out before asking what I did as a job," Walker told Jam Press, per New York Post. "He commented I was a 'proper Brummie lad' [British slang for someone from Birmingham] and wished me all the best."

The video garnered over 700,000 likes and caused other fans to share stories of the new monarch's comedic prowess. "He's really funny!" commented one viewer. "Met him when I was 17 and asked if I could marry one of his sons. He said 'take your pick.'"

Charles has also shown his ability to laugh at himself. In 2014, he appeared in a video reacting to a disastrous interview from 1977. "Was it really 40 years ago?" the then-prince quipped, per Express. "I wish it were tomorrow — I'd cancel it!"