Prince Andrew And Prince Harry Were Left Out Of A Symbolic Send-Off To The Queen

It's just the latest evidence that Prince Andrew and Prince Harry are no longer senior royals. Of course, who could forget at the Queen's Platinum Jubilee in June when the monarch's son and grandson were not invited to stand with the rest of the family on the balcony of Buckingham Palace for the Trooping the Colour ceremony? In what a royal expert called suspicious timing, the Duke of York revealed a COVID diagnosis at the exact same time his absence would have potentially cast negative attention upon him.

Fast forward to today's procession behind the Queen's coffin as it made its way from the Palace to Westminster Abbey and Andrew's attire was conspicuously different from what his siblings were wearing. The disgraced royal was not allowed to sport his military uniform, although he did showcase a hint of his former glory by pinning medals to his suit (via CNN). Meanwhile, the Duke of Sussex was also dressed in formal wear rather than his uniform, with a spokesperson explaining, "Prince Harry The Duke of Sussex will wear a morning suit throughout events honouring his grandmother" (via Today).

The dukes further did not participate in a symbolic military salute to those who died in war at a national memorial en route to Westminster Hall. The Mirror reports that due to the fact that the royals were not wearing military uniforms, they were only permitted to bow their heads in a sign of respect.