The Fab Four's Latest Reunion Proves They're Not As Fractured As We All Thought

The royal rift between Prince William and Prince Harry may finally be on the mend. The tension between the two brothers has been impossible to ignore since Harry and Meghan Markle, Duke and Duchess of Sussex, stepped away from their royal duties. The couple's infamous Oprah interview shed light on their experience and what sparked their royal exit, but did little to ease the growing strain.

Since then, William, the Prince of Wales, and Catherine, the Princess of Wales, have been keeping their distance from the stateside royals, and have rarely been seen interacting with them. In June 2022, Queen Elizabeth II's Platinum Jubilee celebration brought them together, but they employed separate seating and staggered exits to avoid being in the same space. Despite the celebratory occasion, rumors flew that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex were being kept at arm's length. Their Platinum Jubilee snubs were all but confirmed when the queen reportedly stopped the Sussexes from overshadowing her.

In an unexpected move, the Fab Four reunited to mourn the loss of their loved one. On Wednesday, September 14, the Prince of Wales walked side by side with the Duke of Sussex at Queen Elizabeth II's procession in a facsimile of their solemn walk at their mother's funeral. A few days prior, William held out an olive branch and invited Harry and Meghan to join him and his wife to view tributes to the late queen.

The Fab Four got together again for a family meal at Buckingham Palace after receiving Queen Elizabeth II's coffin, according to Page Six. This dinner is hopefully a sign of their fractured relationship slowly healing.