Every Time General Hospital's Alexis Hit Someone With Her Car

Soap operas are notorious for their outlandish storylines and "General Hospital" is no different. Kidnappings, baby swaps, deadly diseases, mob wars, and international super criminals are all familiar for the sudser. However, there's another disaster that the show employs quite often: the car accident. Car crashes are popular for soaps and it comes in handy when they need to quickly kill off someone, land someone in the hospital or jail, or conveniently wipe someone's memory.

There have been many notable accidents on "GH" in the decades since the show aired. In the past few years. Ava Jerome ran a man down in her car giving him amnesia, which was the catalyst for the Jake Doe turned Jason Morgan turned Drew Cain storyline, via Soaps.com; Nelle Benson orchestrated an accident with her baby daddy Michael Corinthos and then left him to die in a fiery car so she could flee into the woods to give birth, via SoapHub. Lucas Jones was in an crash just after finding out his husband Brad Cooper switched their infant and then conveniently ended up in a coma and lost the memory of the confession, via Soap Dirt.

Though some of the car-related catastrophes have been purposeful and some deadly, there are others that are truly mere accidents. However, there are a select few characters that are repeat offenders. Alexis Davis (Nancy Lee Grahn) is one of those people. Not only has she been involved in several crashes, but she's ran someone over more than once.

Alexis killed her daughter's abusive boyfriend in a hit-and-run

In 2010 Alexis' teenage daughter Kristina Corinthos Davis (Lexi Ainsworth) was in the throes of an abusive relationship with her boyfriend Kiefer Bauer (Christian Alexander), per Soap Central. For several months Kristina attempted to hide what was happening to her and even falsely incriminated Ethan Lovett when Kiefer's violence landed her in the hospital. At one point, Kristina confronted Kiefer and in a violent rage he attacked her and left her unconscious. When Alexis came home that night to see Kiefer fleeing the house and then found her daughter, she realized what had been going on.

Emotionally distraught, Alexis put her daughter in the car and sped toward the hospital, via Soaps in Depth. When someone ran out into the road, Alexis hit the brakes but couldn't stop in time and ended up running them over. She fled so she could get her daughter help. Soon after, Kiefer was discovered in a ditch. He later died at the hospital.

Alexis Davis confessed to the accident when she realized what happened. She claimed that she didn't stop to check because she was too worried about getting Kristina help. After a criminal trial, the hit-and-run was deemed an accident and Alexis was sentenced to community service, outraging Kiefer's parents who believed that Kristina was lying about his abuse.

Kiefer Bauer's death came back to haunt Alexis several times

Eventually Kiefer's father Warren Bauer (Bradley Cole) went on a rampage in the hospital, via Soap Dirt. He shot both Mac Scorpio (John J. York) and Ethan Lovett (Nathan Parsons) in his attempt to get to Kristina, but was killed by police before he could.

Kiefer's death made a return in early 2019 when Kristina joined a cult called "Dawn of Day," per Soap Central. The leader Hank "Shiloh" Archer (Coby Ryan McLaughlin) required members to provide collateral in the form of a "pledge" — a damaging secret about oneself or a loved one. When Kristina realized she didn't have anything damning enough, she lied and said that her mother had run over Kiefer on purpose. When Kristina was being extricated from the cult, she got her pledge back but feared that the information could still get out and incriminate Alexis.

Later that same year, Alexis got a new personal trainer named Kendra Lennon (Michelle Argyris), who was eventually revealed to the audience as Kiefer's sister, via Soaps in Depth. She had come to Port Charles to get revenge against the woman responsible for her brother's death after Shiloh had passed along Kristina's pledge before it was destroyed. Kendra tried to poison Alexis with rat poison, but when that didn't work quickly enough, she planned to run her down the same way Kiefer had been. However, another car ran into hers before she could do it and Kendra died.

Alexis drunkenly ran down her ex-husband

In late 2016, Alexis Davis was still reeling from her own disturbing relationship. She had ended her marriage to Julian Jerome (William deVry) after discovering he had lied about leaving the mob, via Soap Central. When he discovered that she was working with the police and wearing a wire trying to get him to confess to murdering Carlos Rivera, he threatened to take her life. Holding her at knifepoint, Julian was prepared to kill Alexis until Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard) showed up and saved her. Though Julian was arrested, he was eventually found not guilty after damning evidence was thrown out and Alexis crumbled on the stand during trial.

To deal with the trauma of that incident, Alexis began drinking heavily and developed alcoholism. After having a particularly difficult time on Thanksgiving, Alexis went to a bar where she ran into Julian, via Soaps.com. Alexis left the bar and got in her car, but Julian tried to stop her from driving because she was already drunk. Refusing to listen, Alexis prepared to leave anyway, but accidentally put her car in drive instead of reverse. When she hit the gas, she ran Julian over. In a panic, Alexis checked on Julian and dialed 911 from his phone, but she fled the scene before help arrived.

Julian kept the truth about the accident a secret

 Alexis confessed to her ex-husband and friend Jasper "Jax" Jacks (Ingo Rademacher) about what happened to Julian, via Michael Fairman TV. He made her promise to tell her family and go to rehab the next day. Instead, Alexis tried to hide what happened from her daughters and the police. Thankfully for her, law enforcement was convinced that whoever had recently planted a bomb to kill Julian had attempted to finish the job by running him over.

Alexis was grateful that Julian was going to make a full recovery but things took a turn when he blackmailed her, via Soap Central. Threatening to tell the police what happened and sabotage Alexis' chance to get her law license reinstated, Julian agreed to keep quiet if Alexis would take him to her home and help him recover.

Julian attempted to reconcile with Alexis while they were under the same roof, but Alexis rebuffed him. Eventually she discovered that he was being blackmailed by his sister Olivia Jerome (Tonja Walker) who was threatening to harm his loved ones, including Alexis, if Julian didn't do her bidding. After Oliva was out of the picture, Alexis and Julian made peace and remained cordial until his death in 2020.

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