Trevor Noah Roasts King Charles For His Perpetual Pen Problems

"The Daily Show" host Trevor Noah referenced King Charles' perpetual pen problems in a September 14 joke, per Twitter. "If you don't like the pens, get different pens," laughed Noah, going on to add, "I'm not an expert in the monarchy, but I'm pretty sure the hierarchy doesn't go Prince William, King Charles, and then the guy who buys the pens." As referenced by "The Daily Show" — and sourced by ABCs "America This Morning" — footage of King Charles III has revealed him struggling to sign official documents, even writing the wrong date during a significant visit to Northern Ireland before the pen began leaking. "Oh god I hate this pen," Charles reacted. "I can't bear this bloody thing . . . every stinking time." As noted by Trevor Noah, in the "old days" the king "would never get corrected after writing the wrong date. That just would have been the new date."

King Charles III's striking demands of his staff have been consistently reported, with former butler Paul Burrell sharing that Charles — formerly known as the "pampered prince" — asked a valet to squeeze toothpaste onto his brush every morning (via India Today). Though Noah jokingly remarked on the "pressures" of becoming king, referencing the "15 different forks to memorize," he concluded that not everyone will support the new monarch. "It's going to take a lot of work to shape the monarchy into something everyone can get behind," reflected the host.