The Intruder Who Broke Into The Queen's Bedroom Explains How He's Mourning Her Death

In 1982, Buckingham Palace had a scary encounter with a man breaking into the prestigious home of Queen Elizabeth II (via Metro UK). The man was Michael Fagan, and he was able to make it into the palace not once but twice, even coming face-to-face with the monarch.

According to Royal Protection Officer Richard Griffin, the queen thought that Fagan was a drunken staff member and didn't seem to be shaken by the incident. "I've discussed it with the Queen and she said initially she thought it was a member of staff who just had too much to drink. Then she quickly realized what was happening," Griffin recalled (per Metro UK). "The saving grace was that he hadn't recognized her. She asked him what his name was, and he said Michael, and he asked her what her name was, and she said, 'what do you want.'"

Allegedly, Fagan said that he wanted some food or drink, and during that time, the police were called. Griffin said the rest was history. Following Queen Elizabeth's heartbreaking death, Fagan shared that he was in mourning, detailing how he was grieving the monarch (via the Daily Mail).

Michael Fagan opens up about grieving the queen

Michael Fagan, the man who scaled the walls at Buckingham Palace and got into the prestigious building during Queen Elizabeth II's reign hasn't been afraid to speak out about the incident (via the Independent). "I was scareder than I'd ever been in my life," Fagan said, recalling the time he came face-to-face with the queen after breaking into her home. Then she speaks and it's like the finest glass you can imagine breaking: 'W[ha]t are you doing here?!'"

Although he broke into the queen's home, he always stated that he had respect for England's longest-serving monarch. Now, he's explaining how he is mourning her death. Fagan told LadBible that he was grieving her loss by lighting a candle. "I am quite sad that she has gone. I don't want to say anything more — just that I hope she rests in peace," Fagan said. "I have no plans to go to the funeral but I have been to church to light a candle for her and hopefully it is all behind me."

He added that he has faith in the next ruler. "I think Charles will do a good job and look after the planet. He will be very good at that," he said. "There is also too much division between the rich and poor in society and I think Charles will help heal that."