Blake Lively Made A Huge Family Announcement On The Red Carpet

One of Hollywood's most beloved couples is Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds (via Glamour). The couple tied the knot in 2012 and has won over the public with their hilarious roasts of each other online, as well as their adorable moments at red carpet events. When it comes to celebrity marriages, these two have one many fans admire.

Aside from being a power couple, the pair are also devoted to their role as parents. Lively and Reynolds have three daughters — James who was born in 2014, Inez made her arrival in 2016, and their youngest, Betty, who debuted in 2019 (per PopSugar). The couple takes their job as parents seriously, with Reynolds choosing to take a break from his day job to be there for his kids, People reported.

"I want my kids to have a pretty normal schedule. For many years when my wife Blake would shoot a film, I would not shoot a film and I would be with the kids and vice versa," the actor shared. "So we would sort of trade-off. We never really worked at the same time. But always we were away. So the kids were away too."

Now, the famous couple might need a little more time at home as Lively hit the red carpet at an event with some exciting family news.

Lively and Reynolds are expanding their family!

When Blake Lively arrived at the 10th Annual Forbes Power Women's Summit on Thursday, she showed off more than her sequin dress (via People). The actress was seen sporting an adorable baby bump, making it clear she was expecting her fourth child with husband Ryan Reynolds. Lively has yet to make an official announcement online.

The couple has made it clear that they wanted to have a big family. In an interview with Marie Claire, Lively said, "If I could spit out a litter of kids, I would," claiming at one point that she wanted to have 30 kids.

Reynolds is on board with the idea of having a big family, too. He once said, "We'd love to have a big family," adding, "A lot of people say it's crazy, but we'll only know when we're there, you know? We'll walk through that fire pretty happily, I think," (per Page Six).