The Small Accessory Change Queen Camilla Has Made Since The Queen's Death

There have been many changes in the royal family since the death of Queen Elizabeth II on September 8, 2022. Many royal family members received new titles and expanded roles. Among those to receive new titles were Prince William and Catherine Middleton, who were officially named Prince and Princess of Wales and Duke and Duchess of Cornwall, taking over King Charles III and Queen Camilla's old titles. Meanwhile, Camilla Parker Bowles was officially named queen consort, a role her husband acknowledged in his first public speech as king. "​​I know she will bring to the demands of her new role the steadfast devotion to duty on which I have come to rely so much," he said about his wife of 17 years, per People.

With the title and styling of queen consort, Camilla has made some major accessory changes at recent public events. One change in particular was caught on September 15 by Hello!. Apparently, Queen Camilla has replaced her Fitbit with her Cartier Ceinture Watch. The new queen consort could have made the accessory switch for a number of reasons, one of which includes having to follow strict royal mourning guidelines along with the royal family and their households. Other royal mourning dress protocols that are being strictly observed are: No bare knees, all black or navy blue clothing, and nothing revealing. 

According to The Daily Beast, the women, including Queen Camilla, are expected to wear black hats to Queen Elizabeth II's funeral that will include veils of netting, tulle, or lace.

Queen Camilla has worn accessories loaned to her by Queen Elizabeth

Camilla Parker Bowles, who recently ascended to the role of queen consort, has worn accessories loaned to her by her late mother-in-law, Queen Elizabeth II, throughout the years. According to Hello!, Her Majesty loaned Queen Camilla a stunning platinum, gold, and diamond tiara in 2005 to wear to Buckingham Palace's royal banquet. The Delhi Durbar Tiara features Garrard diamonds and was paired with a favored serpent necklace that Camilla has worn during several other appearances. Her art deco engagement ring is also a "family heirloom," according to the outlet, and was initially gifted to Queen Elizabeth II's mother. As Express noted, the unique statement ring was "part of the gargantuan Greville collection that arrived at Buckingham Palace in a simple black tin in the middle of WWII."

Camilla has been known to don additional accessories that once belonged to Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother, as well. During an engagement in Edinburgh in 2021, Camilla wore "the Diamond Thistle Brooch," which was a treasured piece of the Queen Mother's. She reportedly had the accessory created specifically for her during the 1940s (per Town & Country). The Diamond Thistle Brooch is one of many that Queen Camilla has worn that once belonged to the Queen Mother, in addition to a diamond diadem that Camilla wore in 2019, and the Greville Tiara (part of the same collection that included her engagement ring) she wore in 2017.