The One Item The Queen Allegedly Never Left Home Without

With her own sense of fashion, Queen Elizabeth II was known for wearing bright colors, bespoke hats, and an ever-present handbag. All of the Queen's purses were made by the same designer. "The company is called Launer, and she wears three different handbags," explained fashion expert Gok Wan on "This Morning," "The 'Diva,' the 'Traviata,' and a custom [design]." He noted that each is tailored for the Queen's needs with, "the strap on the arm extended slightly so it doesn't ruffle and crease the jacket, and the lining inside a light silk so it's not too heavy." Gerald Bodner, proprietor of Launer, shared with BBC News about Queen Elizabeth II, "She told me on many occasions I met her she never felt fully dressed without her handbag."

As for what she kept in her handbag, Wan told "This Morning," "Speculation has it that inside the handbag, there's some mints and a crossword." Phil Dampier, author of "What's In the Queen's Handbag: And Other Royal Secrets," told Hello! Magazine the contents of Queen Elizabeth II's purse included Corgi treats, a diary, and a small camera. "One of her most personal and prized possessions in the bag is a small metal makeup case," added Dampier. The case was a wedding gift from Prince Philip.

New York Post reports there is one additional item Queen Elizabeth II never left home without. UK journalist Mark Steyn told the outlet, "I was actually told a toilet seat cover was always in her handbag."