Here's Who Is Really Leading The Queen's Funeral

When the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II takes place on September 19, the Dean of Westminster will be leading the service. He holds the title of the Very Reverend Dr. David Hoyle MBE, according to BBC News. The Dean of Westminster said of the queen's funeral service, "I think, like any funeral, this is an opportunity for us to mourn because we've lost someone we held dear and respected," he told the outlet. "This is an opportunity for us to give thanks for an extraordinary life and an extraordinary achievement." 

Her Majesty approved the Very Reverend Dr. David Hoyle's appointment as the 39th Dean of Westminster in 2019. Upon the death of Queen Elizabeth II, Hoyle sent condolences on behalf of Westminster Abbey to King Charles III and the royal family in a letter posted on Westminster Abbey's website. "It was here in the Abbey that the late Queen swore her coronation oath and set the course for a lifetime of devoted service at the heart of our national life. We now honor her extraordinary grace and strength."

The church also noted Queen Elizabeth II's connection with Westminster, saying, "Over the course of her life, she came often to the Abbey for state occasions and national services, and some of the most important moments of her life took place here." The Abbey is where Her Majesty witnessed her father, King George VI, being crowned, where she married her husband, Prince Philip, and where she saw her grandson, William, Prince of Wales, marry Catherine, Princess of Wales in 2011.