Here's How You Can Watch The Queen's Funeral

The plans for the queen's funeral have finally been announced, and most can't claim to be one of the 2,000 special guests invited to attend the Westminster Abbey ceremony. Fortunately, Queen Elizabeth II's funeral will be broadcast live worldwide, so you're cordially invited to attend from the comfort of your living room. Scheduled to take place on Monday, September 19 at 11 a.m. BTS (or 6 a.m. EDT), the funeral will be held in Westminster Abbey following a short procession from Westminster Hall, per Town & Country. Queen Elizabeth II herself had a heavy hand planning her upcoming funeral, asking that it take place in Westminster Abbey, the very location of her 1953 coronation and 1947 wedding to Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh. Though the abbey has not been witness to a royal funeral since 1760 and the death of King George II, according to Tatler, it has a larger seating capacity than St George's Chapel in Windsor, the traditional location for royal memorials.

Given the number of news sources covering the event, London-based media correspondent Shirit Kedar predicts "mayhem," per Variety. "There's going to be a huge, huge problem with reception because there's going to be so many broadcasters from all over the world," explains Kedar. ABC News special events producer Marc Burstein has tirelessly planned Monday's upcoming coverage. "The only other time I have something [this elaborately staged] is when I produce the U.S. inaugurations of the next president," he told Variety.