The Pizza Topping That You Should Try If You're A Gemini

It's no secret that the Gemini zodiac sign has a bad reputation. We've heard many people complaining about the most toxic relationship traits of a Gemini and how this sign is supposedly two-faced. Some more highly-talked-about Gemini stereotypes include their indecisiveness, wild antics, clinginess, and overly energetic personalities (via YourTango). But what everyone gets wrong about Geminis is the assumption that they're all bad.

Yes, Geminis have some frustrating traits, but so does every other zodiac sign. That unfair reputation often causes society to overlook the many excellent characteristics of people born within the Gemini bracket, May 21 to June 20. For instance, people belonging to this sign can be super charming and have quick-thinking mindsets. "They're known for their mental agility. They are the disseminators of information. Their ability to metabolize information quickly is unlike any other members of the Zodiac," Rebecca Gordon, an astrologer, told POPSUGAR.

Since Geminis have a wide variety of characteristics, we were wondering which types of foods they like. More specifically, which pizza toppings should a Gemini order?

Hawaiian pizza matches the different sides of a Gemini

Every zodiac sign has a unique symbol, and the Gemini symbol is a set of twins — the Dioscuri named Castor and Pollux, per Almanac. The twin symbol is typically the stem of the stereotype that Geminis can be two-faced, posing as two different people, or "twins," depending on who they're with at the moment. While that change in attitude can be a downside of a Gemini's personality, having more than one side to your personality can be a good trait, too, causing you to be more open-minded than other signs and enjoy many perspectives. That's why Geminis will appreciate the contrast between the ham and pineapple on Hawaiian pizza.

"The twin star will opt to have two juxtaposing and dualistic flavors harmonize together on their pizza," Lisa Stardust, an astrologer, told BestLife. "In true Gemini form, they won't just opt for one topping, but two that blend together on one's palate even though they do not seem as though they would." Savory, meaty ham paired with sweet pineapple probably sounds like an off-putting combination to some foodies. But the contrasting tastes can make for a beautiful blend — like the different aspects of a Gemini's personality.

Geminis will be curious about this controversial pizza

Like the Gemini sign, Hawaiian pizza is highly controversial; foodies are constantly debating whether or not ham and pineapple belong together on a pizza, per BBC. People have such contrasting opinions on the sweet and savory combination that it's a highly-talked-about divide among food enthusiasts that frequently leads to arguments. But we've noticed that although they're unsure about it, most people are at least somewhat curious about how Hawaiian pizza tastes. We've all been at a party or movie night with friends when someone in the group considers ordering a Hawaiian pizza but isn't quite curious enough to spend the money on it because they fear they won't like it.

Although many people don't want to try a Hawaiian pizza since they think they may not enjoy it, Gemini will likely give into that curiosity anyway and take the risk. "A Gemini will be able to see 360 degrees on any issue ... They will see it from this angle, but more than that, they will love to challenge you from the opposite angle," Rebecca Gordon, astrologer, told POPSUGAR. We can imagine a curious Gemini saying, "Yeah, maybe ham and pineapple on pizza sounds weird, but maybe the flavors will complement each other, so why not try it?"

Who knows, maybe the Gemini of every friend group will inspire their friends to try Hawaiian pizza, too!