Here's What Everyone Gets Wrong About Geminis

The astrological air sign Gemini, also known as the celestial twins, has gotten a bad rap among the believers in the stars. Deemed two-faced, shady, cranky, and flaky, the Gemini takes the brunt of many astrological bias-but why?

Astrologer Colin Bedell, author of "Zodiac Signs: Gemini," understands the air sign on a much more personal basis (as a real-life twin and Gemini), and explains that the Gemini's ability to get along with everyone might make them seem flighty, but in reality, they just like to go with the happy flow. Bedell tells Well+Good, "Geminis find themselves in right-place, right-time situations, because they're light on their feet and really adaptable, really elegant," and this is also where they may be deemed flighty, because the twins will change plans last minute if something more appealing comes along. 

Geminis have also been labeled as flaky, considering they can be talkative yet have a short attention span when it comes to listening, but according to InStyle, the blame falls on Geminis ruling planet, Mercury, the planet of communication. The ruling planet makes Gemini responsible for sharing news and information, what some may call, gossiping.

Geminis are not two-faced in the way you may think

According to Allure, the Gemini are thought to be two-faced, or untrustworthy, because of their natural duality, but the twins would rather laugh and play than use their energy to be sneaky. As a matter of fact, YourTango describes the two-faced aspect of the Gemini, not as liars and cheaters but as a complex blend of two faces, two personalities, and two people.

Geminis are not the backstabbers or serial killers people assume them to be, rather, because of their internal duality, they are fluid, and can alter their personalities based on their environment. Because of this, they are often described as having a Jekyll and Hyde type persona, and unfortunately this stereotype is what makes Geminis the most disliked of all the signs. In reality, the third sign of the zodiac is misunderstood because of their duality, as they are two people in one, having a never-ending internal dialogue (via mindbodygreen).