The Lifetime Movie You Should Watch If You're An Aries

While Lifetime movies tend to be soapy dramas or melodramatic thrillers, that doesn't mean they aren't worth watching. As mentioned on Stacker, these low-budget movies are targeted toward a female demographic, and often provide roles, both in front of and behind the camera, for women.

Since its launch in 1984, the Lifetime Movie Network has produced many of these made-for-TV movies, making it a bit difficult to decide which one to watch. Luckily, using your zodiac sign isn't just for deciding what poetry collection to read or what nail art trend to try, but is also great for Lifetime movie suggestions.

Aries is the first zodiac sign of the year and boasts a birthday range of March 21st to April 19th, per Allure. As a fire sign, they are known for being passionate, confident, and cheerful. As mentioned on Astrology Zodiac Signs, Aries are also known for being impulsive, high-energy, and big-picture-focused. They tend to be competitive and action-oriented, as well. With these characteristics in mind, read on to discover what Lifetime movie you should watch if you're an Aries.

Aries will appreciate Lifetime's suspenseful dramas

As mentioned on Pink Villa, action-packed dramas are great movie picks for the dynamic and high-energy Aries. While the made-for-TV budgets of Lifetime movies don't lend themselves to especially in-depth action-adventure stories, there are suspenseful films that this zodiac sign will enjoy.

Featured on Stacker's list of best Lifetime movies, "Fugitive at 17" follows teenage hacker Holly Hamilton after she is accused of murdering her best friend, according to IMDb. After breaking free of custody, Hamilton decides to go on the run to identify the true killer and clear her own name. Released in 2012 and starring Marie Avgeropoulos, this film may not be as big of a production as blockbuster action movies, but Aries will still appreciate its suspenseful elements.

The 2015 movie "Kept Woman" is another intense drama that will appeal to this sign. Starring Courtney Ford, it centers around couple Jessica and Evan after they move from the big city to the suburbs, per IMDb. After becoming suspicious of her new next-door neighbor, Jessica finds herself in a terrible abduction situation.

Another great suspenseful pick for Aries is "Little Girl Lost: The Delimar Vera Story." This 2008 film is based on the true story of Luz Cuevas, played by Judy Reyes, whose daughter, Delimar, allegedly died in a 1997 housefire. Cuevas, convinced her daughter was kidnapped, discovers a girl years later who looks like Delimar, but is going by a different name with another family.

More campy Lifetime movies will make Aries laugh

Given Aries' energetic and cheerful nature, per Allure, more campy, humorous Lifetime movies are also fitting for them. Given this, "Lizzie Borden Took an Ax" is a film worth checking out. Featured on Newsweek's list of most watched Lifetime movies, this self-aware film is based on the real story of Lizzie Borden, an American woman who was accused of killing her family in 1892. It also stars Christina Ricci as Borden, providing an added bonus for the acting.

"Mother, May I Sleep with Danger?" is a 1996 movie starring Tori Spelling, a teenager with an aggressive boyfriend that her mom has suspicions of. While this film wasn't necessarily intended to be comedic, IMDb reviewers mention that this film is one that is so ridiculous it becomes funny.

In 2016, the movie was actually remade with both Tori Spelling and James Franco. Although it features a similar dynamic between daughter and mother as the original, this remake features a vampiric girlfriend instead of just a dangerous, aggressive human boyfriend. In addition to Spelling and Franco, the film features Emily Meade as vampiric girlfriend Pearl and Leila George as daughter Leah Lewisohn. Though it's not as comedic as the original, Aries will still enjoy its cheesiness.