If You're An Aries, Here's The Poetry Collection You Should Read

If you're the queen of new beginnings, chances are you have Aries as your sun, moon, or rising sign. You're the fire sign that's full of impatience, desire, and ambition — a deadly combination for anyone who gets in your way, warns Co-Star Astrology. But it's not your fault you need to feel every emotion as loud as it'll go; you were just born that way.

As the first sign of the zodiac, it's no surprise to astrologists at Allure that you have a tendency to dive "headfirst into even the most challenging situations" with tons of passion, confidence, and determination. You like things quick and dirty in all of the saying's meanings, but Well + Good warns that this can easily lead to dominating just to prove you can. You're drawn to intense situations, drama — anything to get your adrenaline going.

Just look at famous Aries trailblazers like Gloria Steinem, Lady Gaga, and Reese Witherspoon; it's not surprising, given Aries is ruled by Mars, the planet of "action, sex, strength, and courage," per InStyle. Aries wants things to move forward and if people don't want to keep up with you, they better move out of your way. There's no stopping you once you get going. 

With all of those emotions mixing with blind ambition, it's easy to get caught up in fighting just to prove you can win. From lessons on violence to starting over, these poetry collections are a must-read for anyone whose sun, moon, or rising sign is in Aries.

Read Postcolonial Love Poem by Natalie Diaz if your sun is in Aries

There's no denying the force of nature people born with their sun in Aries are. As Co-Star Astrology points out, solar Aries aren't great at hiding what they feel – a quality that means you never have to question where you stand. They have a "blind optimism" to their outlook on life, one that Allure attributes to being the first sign of the zodiac calendar. Unlike Pisces, who has learned all the lessons of the previous signs, Aries has no one before them to pave a path.

In her second poetry collection,"Postcolonial Love Poem," Natalie Diaz offers up lessons in the form of poems. Described by her publisher as "an anthem of desire against erasure," NPR notes that these poems point out "the myriad of ways the white gaze is normalized in the literary imagination and which are socialized to accept as the default normal as well." With language as her weapon, Diaz completely submerges readers in her world — a world where "violence against indigenous bodies...has reached epic proportions." 

Aries have a desire to win and desire to dominate that gets fed by their passion and quick-acting tempers, warns Well + Good. There's an intensity in the way solar Aries work, live, and love that Diaz' writing will appeal to. As Emilia Phillips writes in her review for the The New York Times, "There is an extreme lushness to the language Diaz uses, especially about love, sex, and desire."

Moon in Aries? Read Beast at Every Threshold by Natalie Wee

Just like the fact you love Taylor Swift is only one piece of the puzzle that is you, so is your sun sign. The sun might be the brightest, loudest part of who you are, but it's only one aspect of your birth chart — how the sky looked at the moment of your birth. The moon is the sun's opposite, the key to understanding our interior lives and emotional personality, per Allure.

There's a certain intensity to the fire of those born with their moon in Aries that Allure warns can lead to impulsiveness, recklessness, and impatience if you're not careful. They lack a filter and have no problem checking out of a fight they started just because they decided they're done. But as Live About points out, this fiery emotional landscape is rich soil for starting over.

Since reinvention is what you're best at, you'll love reading Natalie Wee's "Beast at Every Threshold." Described by Poets as an exploration of "thresholds of queerness, immigration, nationhood, and reinvention of self through myth," Wee's second poetry collection uses pop culture and mythology as tools of understanding and reinvention.

But "Beast at Every Threshold" doesn't tread lightly into the fires of reincarnation. In their review, GoMag wrote that Wee's poems "investigate what it means to thrash, to tear, to rip about, to beat fiber from the husks, while also exploring how we hold our bodies, our relationships, and our histories together."

If your rising sign is Aries, you need to read The Necessity of Wildfire by Caitlin Scarano

The third, but arguably most important aspect of your astrological birth chart is your rising sign, or what zodiac sign was literally "rising" on the eastern horizon at the moment of your birth. "It is your character, vitality, much of your personality and mannerisms, and overall vibe," astrology Maren Altman explained to Elite Daily. Your rising sign is the filter you curate your interactions through. 

For those born when Aries was rising, their otherwise calm demeanor is a shallow covering over their passionate, creative, impulsive core, warns Cosmopolitan. As astrologist Taryn Bond points out to Elite Daily, Aries Ascendants come off as extremely comfortable in their own skins — and that's because they are. Their anxieties are channeled into taking risks, innovation, and starting their lives over after they've gone completely scorched-earth because they realized they were comfortable with something. 

Reading Caitlin Scarano's award-winning poetry collection, "The Necessity of Wildfire," feeds into your core desire to start over while sharing the lessons of why it's important to look back. Described by Ada Limón as "hungry, clear-eyed, tough, and generous," "The Necessity of Wildfire" uses "fierce lyricality" to explore the moments where the human and natural world intersects, the violence that is born from the meetings, and the generational trauma that can linger on in bloodlines (via Bookshop). Starting over is easy, but Scarano's collection is a warning: your past follows you everywhere.