British Officials Offer A Dire Health Warning To Those Lining Up To See The Queen's Coffin

As the British continue to honor Queen Elizabeth II, British officials are sending out an important message to those preparing to wait to say goodbye to the queen.

Since Wednesday, according to the UK Parliament, Queen Elizabeth's coffin has stood in Westminster Hall where citizens are allowed to stop by in honor of the late queen. Though soon after opening the hall to citizens, it didn't take long before the line became so long that officials had to stop it, per USA Today. On Friday, the line of those waiting was stopped for over seven hours — as those already in line were expected to be waiting for at least 24 hours before seeing the queen's coffin.

The line was reopened on Saturday morning, and as mourners waited, King Charles III and Prince William, the Prince of Wales, stopped by and thanked citizens for their generosity (via BBC). While going down the line, Prince William was heard telling a young kid that they were "over halfway" through the line, while King Charles III was seen shaking the hands of those waiting and heard thanking them for their well wishes. And as the royal family made their way down the line of mourners, British officials are reminding those lining up to wait to take precautions for their health.

British officials encourage citizens to prepare for the cold

As mourners prepare to wait in line to pay their respects to Queen Elizabeth, the London Ambulance Service is encouraging citizens to consider the weather before getting in line.

As a record number of citizens are waiting for over 24 hours to pay their respects, many are being forced to wait in the cold overnight. Since the queen began lying in state, the London Ambulance Service has helped 710 people, per BBC, with 39 of those people being taken to the hospital just on Friday due to the effects of the cold. And as temperatures are expected to reach new lows on Saturday night, officials are encouraging citizens to take precautions before getting in line by wearing clothing suited for the temperatures, eating and drinking enough, and bringing any medications they need in the overnight hours.

The officials' warning comes as on Saturday, King Charles III and Prince William, the Prince of Wales, were heard questioning citizens to make sure they hadn't been too cold overnight. But despite having to wait on the coldest nights in history to honor the queen, to the Brits, the wait is well worth it. "I would do it again and again and again. I would walk to the end of the earth for my queen," Chris Harman, a mourner waiting explained.