The Viewer Response To The Queen's Funeral Wasn't What You'd Expect

While Queen Elizabeth II has had one of the most historic funerals of our lifetime, some onlookers believe that pomp and circumstance aren't actually the best way to honor someone. One Twitter user tweeted, "The queen did so much in her life yet for her funeral all she gets is dull prayers and boring songs . . . I'd be mad." He followed with, "Imagine the most memorable thing from your funeral being a dropped bit of paper." It's difficult to argue with this mentality; as celebrations of life become a more common way to honor someone, somber funerals can seem like downers (via Legacy).

Still, if there's something that the royal family is definitely not known for, it's updating the way things are traditionally done, so it's unlikely that this will change . . . well, ever. This type of funeral will likely be held for the next in line for the throne, King Charles III, William, Prince of Wales, and even Prince George of Wales. Luckily, it's safe to say that Queen Elizabeth II's funeral turned out exactly as she designed it. This is clear because she actually did design it. The late queen chose the readings and music that were performed, including a performance by her personal piper who played for her every morning (per ABC News). So, whether or not you found the funeral a bit dull or even a little on the grim side, this really was a funeral fit for the queen.