How Princess Charlotte Brought Levity To The Queen's Solemn Day

Today is perhaps one of the most solemn of days in England's history. The death of Queen Elizabeth II has sent shockwaves throughout the world, and her funeral is expected to have been watched by billions of eyes across the globe. Besides the public being present on the sidelines witnessing the procession carrying the queen's coffin, the people closest to her have been front and center all morning. While the adults like King Charles III, William, Prince of Wales, and Prince Harry are gathering the most attention, some of Queen Elizabeth's great-grandchildren are also present for the proceedings. However, the child catching the most attention through all of this is Princess Charlotte.

The young royal could be seen smiling at the crowds gathered to say their final farewell to their beloved queen (via Express). Charlotte's expressions toward the sea of humanity lining the streets has brought a semblance of levity to an otherwise sorrow-filled day. The sweet moments were captured by onlookers as the coffin containing Queen Elizabeth II marched on. 

People on social media couldn't help but comment on Princess Charlotte's adorable behavior either. One spectator wrote, "Princess Charlotte so cute. I bet we get a wave fest later." Another royal watcher got choked up during Charlotte's smiling moment, tweeting, "The pipers got me 1st up. Little Princess Charlotte looking out from the car got my husband."