Why The Pallbearers At The Queen's Funeral Are Drawing Praise

As social media has been flooded with commentary on Queen Elizabeth II's record-breaking funeral, many online users have expressed praise for the queen's pallbearers. The pallbearers, who carried the queen's casket from the state gun carriage into Westminster Abbey for the funeral service (per AP News), consisted of eight men from the 1st Battalion Grenadier Guards (per LadBible).

As Yahoo! News reported, Queen Elizabeth II served as the company commander of the military unit, making the pallbearer's role in the service especially significant. Many of the men were recently deployed in Iraq but were flown back to the country after the monarch's death to participate in the service. Additionally, all of the pallbearers are former equerries to the Queen, meaning they previously served as guards for the royal household.

Event viewers were impressed by their service, taking to social media to express their respect. One Twitter user captioned a photo of the pallbearers, "Sensational precision from the 8 pallbearers carrying the Queen's coffin today. The pressure must have been immense, and not a single foot was put wrong, in front of billions of eyes around the world."

The pallbearer's service brings even more respect when the detailed specifications of the Queen's coffin are considered. Made of oak with lead lining, Cosmopolitan writes that it's estimated to weigh between 250kg and 317kg, which is presumably beyond what the six pallbearers of an average funeral service would be able to carry.