Rod Stewart's Wife Penny Lancaster Details Her Time Policing The Queen's Funeral

A former model and TV star, Penny Lancaster married world-famous rocker Rod Stewart in 2007, per People. Then, in 2021, Lancaster added a very different career to her resume: police officer. She became interested in law enforcement as part of her on-screen experiences on "Famous and Fighting Crime," a 2019 documentary project. Afterwards, Lancaster took the exam and officially began her role. "It can be rewarding in so many ways," she told "Good Morning Britain," speaking of her role as a special constable (via iNews). "We're just regular people but we put that uniform on to help protect."

Lancaster participated in the intense security efforts for Queen Elizabeth's funeral. "Every officer wanted to be here today, because we swore an oath to the queen to serve in the office of constable," she said, per the Daily Mail. "This is the biggest honor of all, to be able to serve today on Her Majesty the Queen's funeral."

After the service was over at Westminster Abbey, the special constable expressed her gratitude for the behavior of the crowds. "Fortunately, everybody paid their respects in the proper manner and we didn't have any incidents to speak of," Lancaster told Sky News.

Previously, she spoke to BBC One's Crimewatch Live about her husband's opinion of her job. "He's always supportive in whatever I like to venture into and with this in particular he realized the amount of enthusiasm and joy and reward I got from it," she said (via Daily Mail).