Why Pat Sajak's Recent Photo Opp Has Twitter Seeing Red

There are plenty of secrets about "Wheel of Fortune" that fans may not know. For instance, the wheel that looks so enormous on camera is actually only about 6 feet wide, according to Awesome Jelly. But, while that knowledge may be shocking, fans are a lot more floored by a recent revelation about the popular game show's longtime host, Pat Sajak. He's been a welcome guest into millions of homes for a jaw-dropping 40 years, but some are now thinking he's overstayed his welcome. 

On September 17, the group Patriot Takes tweeted a photo of Sajak posing with Brian Glenn and Marjorie Taylor Greene. Glenn is a correspondent for the Right Side Broadcasting Network (RSBN) whose Twitter profile includes the phrase "Pronoun: Ultra MAGA." Greene is a House representative from Georgia who is well known for opposing the Biden administration and liberal policies. (Occasionally Greene gets ribbed for her verbal gaffes, such her references to "the gazpacho police" and "peach tree dish").

Glenn himself posted the photo on his own Instagram account, with an L.A. restaurant listed as the location. "'I'd like to buy a "G" please Pat.' Had the pleasure of meeting the #goat himself Pat Sajak last night at dinner," Glenn wrote. "Definitely a television icon. 'I'd like to solve the puzzle' MTG." Although the photo might appear to be old news, Twitter jumped on it as if it were fresh meat, which could spell T-R-O-U-B-L-E for the popular host.

Pat Sajak has caught heat for right-leaning social media posts before

The idea that venerated game-show personality Pat Sajak might support far-right philosophies sent social media into a flurry. On Twitter, some were outraged over the photo of him with Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene. "Never been a fan," one user wrote, in part. "I've always wished Wheel of Fortune would replace him. Maybe now is the time." Countered another, "He is entitled to his own political beliefs. Being a game show host is just a job." 

Others were less surprised. The "Wheel of Fortune" host has gotten in trouble for his own right-leaning tweets, per Patriot Takes, including one saying "global warming alarmists are unpatriotic racists knowingly misleading for their own ends." (Sajak later insisted he was joking, according to CNN).

Responding to the criticism. Brian Glenn told TMZ he and Greene just happened to be at the table next to Sajak, and the "Wheel" host graciously agreed to pose for a quick photo. Rep. Greene tweeted a clapback: "There is nothing more pathetic and hypocritical than the left's whiny cancel culture. I'd like to solve the puzzle please. M-A-K-E A-M-E-R-I-C-A G-R-E-A-T A-G-A-I-N." Sajak himself has yet to comment, but a tweet he wrote back in June sums up his own philosophy: "You know what I think? Of course not. And why should you care what I think? I'm a TV game show host. Now if I were a talk show host or a famous actor, that would be a different story."