The Essential Oil Combinations To Relieve Your Headache

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The use of plant oils in healing and wellness has been around just about as long as we have (via International Federation of Aromatherapists) and has certainly gained popularity in recent years. From essential oils for stress relief, nausea, and headaches to simply boosting your mood or improving your sense of well-being, plant and flower essences are a simple pathway to health and enhance our connection to nature.

Oil quality, oil combinations, and safe application are all important steps when integrating essential oils into your self-care routine. Be sure to purchase 100% pure essential oils that aren't mixed with other fragrances or chemicals (via Hopkins Medicine). 

Another quick tip: If the oil is in a plastic bottle rather than a dark-colored glass, steer clear. Pure essential oils will eat away at plastic bottles, causing the plastic to deteriorate into the oil. Dark glass protects the essential oil from deteriorating UV rays, so you'll want to select a brand that follows this practice.

If you're dealing with a headache, essential oils can be your best friend. Here's how.

For headaches, try lavender, peppermint, eucalyptus, and rosemary

If you're prone to pesky headaches, the combination of four calming and cooling essences may ease the tension and discomfort (via The Natural Side): lavender, peppermint, eucalyptus, and rosemary. Plus, they smell simply amazing together.

Lavender oil, arguably one of the most popular oils, is known for its relaxing qualities and can ease pain. "It's gentle and has a lot of benefits," says integrative medicine specialist Yufang Lin (via Cleveland Clinic). "Before the discovery of antiseptics, lavender was also used as a cleaning agent in hospitals."

Peppermint can serve as an anti-inflammatory and ease headache pain, lift mood, and even improve memory. 

Eucalyptus oil is also an anti-inflammatory that soothes and can aid with congestion. Be sure to dilute this one in a carrier oil, though, such as coconut or almond oil, as it can be harsh when pure. 

Lastly, add rosemary oil to the combo for its ability to improve brain function and reduce stress. Added bonus: Rosemary oil can also support hair growth.

Options for essential oil application

Diffusing or directly applying aromatherapy oils are great ways to reap their benefits (via Piedmont). Just be sure to follow the safety guidelines for each, and keep in mind that some oils aren't suitable for babies and toddlers (Hopkins Medicine).

If you're an essential oil newcomer wanting to try out a diffuser, you can easily find one on Amazon or at your local health food store. You'll want to use four to six drops of each oil in your diffuser at first.

"It's a great way to change your mood quickly. As you breathe in, the oil's aroma immediately stimulates your central nervous system, triggering an emotional response," says Yufang Lin (via Cleveland Clinic). Some essential oil combinations can give you the energy boost you need to get through that long morning call or meet an important deadline.

Alternatively, carrying around a purse-size spray bottle of this essential oil blend in water could be a lifesaver if a headache hits you at work or school. Aromatherapy necklaces and bracelets, which release the oil's healing properties as you wear them, are also a click away