Days Of Our Lives Star Nadia Bjorlin Offers Her Most Successful Travel Tips

"Days of Our Lives" viewers first met the character of Chloe Lane (Nadia Bjorlin) when she was a teenager in high school. Chloe became associated with Belle Black (then Kirsten Storms) and Shawn Brady (then Jason Cook). Chloe eventually went on to win over the heart of Philip Kiriakis (Jay Kenneth Johnson) before marrying Brady Black (then Kyle Lowder). Over the years, fans have watched Chloe grow into a beautiful woman who has become a mother and cultivated an interesting career path for herself as a singer and business woman (via Soap Central).

Through the decades, Chloe has marched in and out of Salem for a number of reasons, per Soaps in Depth. After tying the knot with Brady, the couple left Salem in hopes of pursuing a singing career in Vienna. When that fell through she came home, and welcomed her son, Parker Jonas. Later, Parker and Chloe moved to Chicago. She returned again for a while, before moving to New York. Of course, Chloe couldn't stay away from Salem for long, and is now back in her hometown and reunited with Brady as they run the company Basic Black together.

While Chloe obviously has no qualms about traveling the world, actress Nadia Bjorlin also knows a thing or two about traveling, and now she's sharing her tips with fans.

Nadia Bjorlin is a seasoned traveler

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Nadia Bjorlin and her family decided to leave the hustle and bustle of Los Angeles and settle in Charleston, per Charleston Living. Now, the actress is required to fly to California in order to film her scenes for "Days of Our Lives." Of course, this means plenty of travel, but Bjorlin has learned some great tips along the way. The actress tells Soap Hub that she travels light, and usually only has one backpack with her. She also reveals that she uses her time on flights to review her scripts. "I'm one of the last dinosaurs on the show. I have hard copies. I love paper, tangible paper. I highlight my scripts. Most people have moved on to iPads," she says.

Bjorlin also admits that finding the perfect time to fly is key. She doesn't want to risk a flight cancellation, but she's also not a fan of taking the red eye or getting into L.A. during a busy traffic time. The actress also says that she likes to drink plenty of water and do some light exercise following a flight in order to regain some lost energy. This way she's refreshed and ready to work when she gets to set and steps into Chloe Lane's fabulous shoes.

It seems that Bjorlin has her travel schedule down to a science and knows exactly how to prepare herself for the long commute to the set.