Raising A F**king Star's Kia Brooks Says She Wants To Be The Next Kris Jenner - Exclusive

Although she's still a teenager, Flau'Jae Johnson has already made a name for herself as a rapper and basketball player. As the daughter of the late rapper Camoflauge, she started rapping as a child and began to gain notoriety after appearing on TV shows like "The Rap Game" and "America's Got Talent." She's also dominating on the basketball court and just signed a shoe deal with Puma ahead of her freshmen year playing for Louisiana State University (LSU).

One of Flau'Jae's biggest supporters is her mother, Kia Brooks, who has taken a large role in managing her daughter's career. E!'s new series "Raising a F***ing Star" follows the Brooks family and other aspiring young stars to show all the work that goes into creating their careers. During an exclusive interview with The List, Brooks opened up about how she started managing her daughter's career and how she hopes to give the same support to all of her children.

How Kia Brooks took on the role of Momager

Kia Brooks admits that she was initially hesitant to encourage her daughter as a rapper. "She started rapping once she realized who her dad [Camoflauge] was and what he did," Brooks said about her daughter, Flau'Jae. "I didn't always encourage it because I was afraid of the rap industry and that it was a reason for his demise. I didn't want to push that." However, Brooks' brother encouraged her to give her daughter a chance, and after seeing Flau'Jae's commitment as well as how people responded to her rapping, she eventually came around to the idea of her daughter pursuing music.

Once she decided to help her daughter in her music career, Brooks committed to it completely. "When I signed up to be a momager, I signed up. Anything I sign up for, we don't quit. We don't know how to quit," Brooks said. She's also instilled that attitude in her children and taught them to finish anything they start. "You can't quit. We're not quitters. Knowing that, I think, helps them a lot, that we're not quitters and we're not going to quit anything," Brooks said.

She wants to help all her kids succeed

Since taking on the title of "momager," Kia Brooks has developed a method for balancing her role as a parent with that of a manager. She's careful to keep the two separate, and instead of speaking to Flau'Jae as a parent, she texts her about anything to do with business and keeps that professional side more separate. Finding that balance has been good for Brooks, and now she's excited for Flau'Jae's future as well as the rest of her children's careers.

As far as Flau'Jae is concerned, "Her goal is to be the biggest rap basketball sensation ever. She's a unicorn," Brooks said. "Nobody has ever done this. Nobody has ever been on these two stages like this and really dominating both of them." But Brooks also has big ideas for the rest of her children and says she is "trying to be the next Kris Jenner" in helping them all to succeed.

"I have a lot of talented kids in this house," she said, sharing that she has a son interested in RnB, another on the football squad, and a "baby boss," as well as a ballerina and a "very comedic" child from her husband. She hopes to use her resources to help them all be the best they can be, adding, "I got connections now; it's been going good."

"Raising a F***ing Star" airs Wednesdays at 9:30 p.m. ET/PT on E!