What General Hospital Fans Really Think Of Sasha's Eternal Misery

After participating in conspiracies with Valentin Cassadine (James Patrick Stuart) and then Harrison Chase (Josh Swickard) — albeit for the greater good — as well as the pressure of becoming the face of Deception Cosmetics, Sasha Gilmore (Sofia Mattsson) on "General Hospital" turned to drugs to alleviate her stress. She managed to shake the addiction after becoming romantically involved with Brando Corbin (Johnny Wactor), only to suffer the death of their newborn son, Liam. Sasha relapsed and spiraled out of control not only having a meltdown on national television and then smashing the windshield of a reporter's car, but finally having an incident in a public restaurant. It was at that point that she realized help was needed (per Soaps in Depth).

Brando had been her rock through all the ups and downs, and according to Soap Central, in order to avoid jail for destroying the reporter's car, Sasha reluctantly agreed to have Brando appointed her legal guardian. However, just as things looked up, Brando was attacked by a mysterious person with a large hook. Kristina Davis (Lexi Ainsworth) witnessed the attack in an alley behind Charlie's Pub, scaring off the assailant, saving Brando's life. Brando was rushed to the hospital and underwent emergency surgery, eventually regaining consciousness (via Soaps She Knows). Brando's attack hit Sasha hard. Fans have previously chimed in on social media about their feelings that the character is being needlessly tortured.

Now, something devastating has happened that will change Sasha's life forever.

A disastrous event could destroy Sasha once and for all

On "General Hospital," after surviving surgery, Brando Corbin (Johnny Wactor) awoke and was able to talk not only to Sasha Gilmore (Sofia Mattsson), but also police commissioner Jordan Ashford (Tanisha Harper). Ultimately, he later had a seizure and died, leaving Sasha devastated (via Soap Hub). "GH" posted on Twitter, "Sasha's life has changed forever," and many of the fans were outraged.

One post stated, "Why do you guys hate Sasha so much[?]" Empathy for Sasha continued with, "Leave this poor woman alone! She's been [through] enough hell." "This show loves torturing poor Sasha!! 'Worst year ever' is an understatement for her life!" continued the sentiment, as another said, "Why can't you have one happy couple at least...are you trying to push Sasha over the edge??" The fans also reacted negatively to the death of Brando with one posting, "Shame on 'GH' for killing Brando," while another said, "So unhappy Brando was killed." One post representing the feelings of many fans stated, "I really wish you would stop killing off my favorite characters."

One viewer commended the scene involving news of Brando's death by posting, "Great scenes between Sasha, Gladys , Nina and Portia. So much anguish when Gladys shook her head in denial before Portia even said Brando died. And Sasha collapsed in a heap with Nina rushing to her."

How Sasha chooses to deal with this overwhelming tragedy remains to be seen.