Kate Middleton's First Public Appearance Since The Queen's Funeral Has A Meaningful Touch

Catherine Middleton, the Princess of Wales, shared a special bond with Queen Elizabeth II. Though the queen may have had some concerns about Prince William marrying someone she felt lacked an identity of her own before she joined the royal brood, the pair came together and formed a close relationship over time (via the Daily Record UK).

When Kate first met the queen, she recalled her being kind. Over time, the queen grew to become more trusting of Kate and her future with the monarchy.

"Her Majesty sees the Cambridges as the future of the monarchy and trusts Kate and William's judgment implicitly," a source told Us Weekly. "Kate asks for advice about speeches she's due to make, whom she can depend on most within the palace, and protocol dos and don'ts. The queen's more than happy to impart her wisdom — she's proud to be Catherine's go-to adviser about royal life."

Following the queen's death, Kate stood firm in her emotions at the funeral. She was praised for her composure, doing sentimental gestures rather than showing her feelings. She kept that trend going, making a sentimental nod to the queen in her first outing since the funeral.

Kate's outfit was a subtle nod to the royal family

Catherine Middleton, Princess of Wales, paid tribute to Queen Elizabeth II at her funeral by wearing a beautiful piece of jewelry once part of the late monarch's collection (via Us Weekly). The string of pearls had another special meaning behind it, as Princess Diana once wore the same one in the 1980s.

In Kate's first public appearance since the funeral, she paid another sweet tribute, Page Six reports. When meeting with palace staff and volunteers who helped out with the queen's funeral service, she chose to wear the same coat she was seen wearing following the funeral service of Prince Philip last year.

Kate has worn the black Dolce and Gabbana coat a few times before, but it appears that she specifically chose this outfit during her outing to pay tribute to both the queen and Prince Philip. The Princess of Wales makes a habit of showing sentimental tributes to the royal family in her fashion choices.