Kate Middleton's Look At The Queen's Funeral Has Everyone Saying The Same Thing

While the world is mourning Queen Elizabeth today during her state funeral proceedings, of course, we couldn't help but sneak a look at the most headline-making members of the royal family, especially as the event droned on and on according to Twitter


There in attendance, somberly following the long-serving monarch's coffin into Westminster Abbey were the Prince and Princess of Wales, him in military dress and her adorned in black, along with their two oldest children, Prince George and Princess Charlotte. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex were also among the high-profile mourners, as was of course, King Charles III and queen consort Camilla.

It won't surprise anyone that Kate Middleton chose Alexander McQueen for her funeral attire. The designer also created the Princess of Wales' wedding dress as well as many of her other most expensive fashions (via Town & Country). 

In addition to buzzing about the princess' ensemble for the very sad day, Twitter also had a very interesting observation about the Duchess of Cambridge and Cornwall.


Kate is compared to Meghan at the Queen's funeral

It seems underneath her hat and veil, which is a customary accessory for senior royals at funerals to provide them more privacy, observers thought Kate Middleton looked like another member of the family that she is reportedly often at odds with. If you guessed Meghan Markle, you'd be right.


Could the Queen's funeral be the latest example of the more senior royal taking a page out of the Duchess of Sussex's fashion playbook? After all, Twitter was convinced that Meghan looked absolutely perfect and carried herself with poise and grace for the televised spectacle, er, event. 

Consider that only recently, the Princess of Wales has become obsessed with a shoe brand first made popular by the former TV star.

Her footwear is only one instance when Kate was accused of "copying" her sister-in-law's fashion sense, although to be fair, the reverse has also often been pointed out by royal fans (via International Business Times). A recent outing saw the Duchess of Sussex donning a black-and-white pantsuit in New York that looked eerily similar to the dress the Duchess of Cambridge and Cornwall sported for the "Top Gun: Maverick" premier in London.


Incidentally, both of the royals have taken style inspiration from their late mother-in-law Princess Diana (via CNN).

But beyond comparing Kate to Meghan, Twitter had more to say about the Princess of Wales' look at the Queen's funeral.

Kate is praised for her composure at the funeral

While the Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle comparisons will never end, with one person on Twitter opining that the former can never be the "it girl" with the latter around, fans of the new Princess of Wales were on hand to make their opinions known that to them, her mere presence at the funeral won the day.


The Daily Mail shared the opinion that Kate was "the picture of dignity" today while a Twitter user praised the royal for her "incredible elegance." Of course, it didn't hurt that the princess was wearing an iconic piece of jewelry that belonged to the Queen. As Marie Claire reported, Kate's pearl choker, the same one she donned for the funeral of Prince Philip about a year-and-a-half earlier, had been part of the monarch's collection at one time. 

People reported that incredibly, the piece was also worn by Princess Diana previously.

But it turns out the necklace wasn't the only meaningful element of the Princess of Wales' attire. Another Twitter user pointed out that she sported the same Alexander McQueen coat dress in white to a much happier occasion: the Queen's Platinum Jubilee, just this past June.