Director Alex Lehmann Explains How Meet Cute Changed His Feelings About Rom-Coms - Exclusive

Romantic comedy connoisseurs and lovers of love have been patiently awaiting the release of Peacock's "Meet Cute." Now, the highly anticipated film is finally here for us all to enjoy.

"Meet Cute" tells the story of a woman named Sheila (Kaley Cuoco) who has fallen head over heels at first sight for a man named Gary (Pete Davidson). Their meet-cute is something she never wants to forget for fear that their future may hold heartbreak — so in order to relive the sparks, she hops aboard a tanning bed time machine to revisit their first date over and over and over again.

As adorable as these characters' first encounter is, the movie isn't your ordinary rom-com. "It's a very honest romance," director Alex Lehmann said during an exclusive interview with The List. "That's why it hooked me."

In addition to the overwhelming feeling of caring for someone, this love story showcases all the "messy" parts of what makes a realistic relationship so great. The delicate balancing act was something that was important for Lehmann to portray in his film, because crazily enough, "I don't like rom-coms," he admitted.

Directing a rom-com was a way to 'escape and have fun and play'

When director Alex Lehmann first received a script called "Meet Cute," he was hesitant about pursuing it. Films about fairytale romances have never been his favorite. "I struggle with a lot of rom-coms, because they feel convenient," he told The List. "Then there's also this element of: You find the right person, and all of a sudden your life's going to click, and you're going to be happy" — which, outside of an idealistic fantasy mindset, can prompt a "giant eye roll."

But while reading the script, Lehmann realized that "Meet Cute" wasn't a typical love story. Each character has their own set of problems they were only able to solve themselves. "I like that this story is about finding someone who can support you while you do it yourself, and that felt more honest," Lehmann said.

Each character also has their own set of flaws. "It's not a perfect relationship, and they know that, yet they're still committed to it," Lehmann said, and those characteristics are what they love each other for. "That's romantic to me."

Watching Kaley Cuoco and Pete Davidson bring the story to life made Lehmann gain an even greater appreciation for the genre. "I had so much fun making this," he told us. "I laughed so hard for a month straight." This is exactly why audiences everywhere turn to rom-coms like his whenever they need to experience a feel-good moment. "Forget the world's problems," Lehmann said, "and laugh."

"Meet Cute" is available to stream now exclusively on Peacock.