The Untold Truth Of Prince Constantine Alexios

Every generation has its own princely heartthrob. In the 1960s, people swooned over Prince William of Gloucester, a cousin of Queen Elizabeth II (via the South China Morning Post). In the 1990s, it was Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, the current heir to the British throne who broke hearts. These days, there are some very attractive princes across Europe who are turning heads, but one of the most beloved may be Prince Constantine Alexios of Greece and Denmark, who is known as Tino to his loved ones.

Born on October 29, 1998, as noted by Google Arts and Culture, Prince Constantine Alexios is a blossoming celebrity who is noted for his good looks. While he flew under the radar for much of his life, he's been Instagram famous since at least 2018, per Insider. Able to live a freer life than many royals, Prince Constantine Alexios has spent his early adulthood doing his own thing, so his fame hasn't quite reached the same status as that of royal heartthrobs of days gone by, but that might be changing soon.

There isn't a throne for him to inherit

Prince Constantine Alexios is the oldest son of Crown Prince Pavlos and Crown Princess Marie-Chantal of Greece, per Google Arts & Culture. While he's the second-oldest child, he would be his father's heir because his oldest sibling, Olympia, is female.

While Greece's succession laws favored male heirs, it's a moot point, as the monarchy no longer exists. It was officially abolished in 1973, per Britannica, meaning that Prince Constantine Alexios will never be king. Technically, he's not even really a royal in Greece — the Greek Reporter shared the angry reactions after the BBC referred to his father as "His Royal Highness" in September 2022. As one irate person tweeted, "The Greek Constitution prohibits all kind of nobility titles." According to Newsweek, though, former royals who use titles aren't technically in the wrong, even if the countries they formally ruled don't recognize those titles. The outlet said it is "a general rule of etiquette is to refer to a royal by their titles, even if they have been deposed."

He is, however, officially a royal in Denmark, though, through his grandmother, Queen Anne-Marie, who is a Danish princess by birth. Per the Greek Reporter, male-line descendants of King Christian IX of Denmark hold the title of prince, although he is not in line for the throne as his grandmother gave up her place in the line of succession upon her marriage into the Greek royal family.

He's named after his grandfather

It is a Greek naming tradition to name the oldest boy after his paternal grandfather, and Crown Prince Pavlos and Crown Princess Marie-Chantel followed this convention. Prince Constantine Alexios is named after his father's father, Constantine II, the last king of Greece. Had the monarchy not been abolished, Constantine Alexios may have one day become King Constantine III.

Constantine II has lived quite a life. Aside from being the last king of Greece — ruling from 1964 to 1974 — Salon Privé Magazine notes that the royal was also an Olympian, winning a Gold Dragon Class gold medal in sailing. Per the website of the Greek royal family, King Constantine studied law at Athens University. He ascended to the throne when he was just 23 and married Princess Anne-Marie of Denmark just a few months later. He has survived being deposed and exiled from his country, but remains beloved by many in Greece.

While Prince Constantine Alexios won't ever become the king of Greece, that's still quite a legacy for the young royal to live up to.

Prince Constantine Alexios was born in the United States

Prince Constantine Alexios of Greece and Denmark may be a royal in two countries (well, technically), but he was born in a country that doesn't have a monarchy at all: the United States. He didn't grow up there, though. As his mother explained to Paper, her husband's work is in New York, but "he wanted his children educated in Europe." The family moved to London for a time, but moved back to New York after their oldest child, Olympia, enrolled at New York University so they could keep the family together.

While being born in the United States means that Prince Constantine Alexios would have become a citizen at birth, it is unclear if he currently holds American citizenship or not. It's possible that he holds dual citizenship — in the U.S. as well as in one (or more) of the other countries his family has called home.

He's related to many other royals

If you're a royal watcher (or just paid attention in history class), you might remember that the royal families of Europe are pretty connected. As noted by Town & Country, this is all thanks to Queen Victoria, who is known as "the grandmother of Europe." The British monarch died in 1901; descendants of her nine children and 42 grandchildren include the monarchs of Norway, Spain, Sweden, Denmark, and, of course, the United Kingdom. Other descendants include deposed royals of countries that abolished monarchies, including Russia, Germany, Romania, and Greece.

Prince Constantine Alexios of Greek and Denmark is descended from Queen Victoria through his dad, who can claim descent from the royal on both his mother's and his father's side, as the two are distant cousins. It's a complicated family tree, to say the least, and makes Prince Constantine Alexios related to some of the world's most beloved royals, including Prince Harry, Prince William, and the late Queen Elizabeth II. He's even in line for the British throne, albeit distantly. Per Royal Central Co, there are more than 300 people ahead of him in the line of succession.

Prince William is his godfather

While Prince Constantine Alexios is related by blood to a lot of royals, he's closer to some of them than others. He has a special relationship with Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, who happens to be his godfather in addition to being a distant cousin. According to MyLondon, Prince William was 16 years old when he attended Prince Constantine Alexios' christening, showing up to the event in a sling thanks to a rugby injury.

The heir to the British throne is not the Greek and Danish prince's only royal godparent, though. When Prince Constantine Alexios was christened in 1999, the Greek royal family issued a press release that listed his other grandparents: Prince Nikolaos, Prince Dimitri of Yugoslavia, Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark, The Prince of Asturias Felipe (now King Felipe VI of Spain), Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden, Princess Alexandra zu Fürstenberg, and Mrs. Doris Robbs.

He's set to inherit a sizeable fortune

While we don't know how much Prince Constantine Alexios of Greece and Denmark is worth, it's safe to say that he's pretty well-off. The Irish Times reported that his family's lands in Greece were seized in 1967 when his grandfather was deposed, but a 2002 court ruling awarded him €12 million in compensation. According to Celebrity Net Worth, his mother, Princess Marie-Chantal, has a fortune of her own worth $2 billion, while Market Realist estimates his father, Pavlos, to be worth around $4 million.

The family also owns a few properties. Hello! magazine reports that they own at least five homes across the globe, with residences in the U.S. and U.K. and a vacation home in the Bahamas.

Even with other siblings and relatives who will no doubt inherit part of the family wealth in the future, it is likely that Prince Constantine Alexios will get quite a bit of money one day. No wonder Elle Australia considers him one of the world's most eligible princes.

His parents are supportive of whatever their kids want to do

While most royals are born into a life of responsibility and expectation, Prince Constantine Alexios and his siblings have been able to live a less pressured life. Since the Greek monarchy no longer exists, they will never have to represent the crown, which has opened up a lot of doors for them. While it's unclear what Constantine Alexios is pursuing as a career, we do know that his family will back his career choices.

In an interview with Paper, his mom, Princess Marie-Chantal, opened up about what she thinks of her children following their own paths. "I've always encouraged my kids," she said. "They are who they are. You can choose to do whatever you want to do and you can be whoever you want to be. Choose any profession and I will totally champion you."

The honorary princess does have one stipulation, though, saying that she hopes her kids make "some contribution back to humanity," whatever they decide to do. She added that she doesn't want Constantine Alexios to have the pressure of potentially being a king hanging over his head. "I think that's not right," she said. "I think he needs to figure it out for himself. I think that's what makes the best individuals."

Prince Constantine Alexios has a large social media following

Prince Constantine Alexios isn't reclusive, exactly, but he is pretty selective about the information he allows the public to know. He doesn't seem to give interviews and, while he is active on social media and has a robust Instagram fan base with 197,000 followers, he doesn't post much and shares more scenic and artsy snaps than selfies.

He doesn't seem to have any other public social media profiles, either. This is a bit unusual for a young celebrity, but it shows that he doesn't seem to be too worried about fame. The few posts he has made over the years, though, have turned heads. In 2016, the Daily Mail shared some of his Instagram snaps (which have since been deleted) and revealed that the then-teenager was receiving marriage proposals from besotted fans on social media at the tender age of 18. 

That kind of attention at such a young age might actually be part of why Prince Constantine Alexios isn't too forthcoming with details about his personal life — but it does keep his fans clamoring for more from the handsome prince.

He seems to have a close bond with his family

While we don't know a whole lot about Prince Constantine Alexios thanks to the fact that he keeps a low profile, we are able to get glimpses of him on his family's social media accounts, which show how close they are. His dad's Instagram account shows some adorable family bonding moments, such as pictures of the close-knit clan in Greece, meals enjoyed al fresco, and holiday gatherings. His mom's Instagram is also filled with family pictures, including a group shot in front of a gorgeous sunset and birthday greetings to her beloved "Tino."

It's clear that the Greek royal family enjoys spending time together, and it's refreshing to see. The oldest child in the family, Princess Olympia, once spoke to Harper's Bazaar about her bond with her siblings, and it was apparent that there's a lot of affection between the children of the family. "There was a time when mum said, 'maybe I'll have a sixth child' and honestly the thought of that ... I said, 'you're not allowed,' because I just knew it would be a girl," she said. "I love having boys around. I think it makes you a bit tougher, too."

The strong family ties were cultivated by Prince Constantine Alexios' parents, who have always emphasized spending time together as a family. In a 2020 interview with The New York Times, Princess Marie-Chantal said their bonding activities include game nights and cooking together.

The prince plays multiple instruments

Prince Constantine Alexios of Greece and Denmark is quite musical. While he doesn't seem to showcase his talents on his own social media — at least publicly — there have been plenty of videos others have shared that prove his skill. His father, Crown Prince Pavlos, shared an image on Instagram of Constantine Alexios playing the guitar in honor of his 20th birthday.

There are also plenty of videos on YouTube that appear to be posted by fan accounts that show his diverse musical talents. These videos show him strumming a guitar, playing the guitar in a jam session, playing the piano by candlelight, rocking out on a drum set, and accompanying his cousin, Isabel Getty, on the guitar while she sings.

So far, it looks like making music is a hobby for Prince Constantine Alexios, but it appears that has the talent to pursue a musical career if he chooses to do so.

Prince Constantine Alexios has attended school in the UK and US

Prince Constantine Alexios has had quite the international education. In 2017, he graduated from Wellington College, a secondary school in the U.K. where tuition starts at £10,980 per term (based on the 2022-2023 school year). Famous alumni of the school, per Ranker, include author George Orwell and actor Christopher Lee.

HIs university education brought him across the pond to Georgetown University in Washington D.C. Per the Greek royal family's website, Georgetown is the alma mater of Constantine Alexios' father, Prince Pavlos. The crown prince earned his undergraduate degree (a bachelor's in international relations, law, and organization) and master's degree (in foreign relations) from the institution back in the 1990s.

While it's not clear what Constantine Alexios studied at the prestigious institution, we know that he graduated from Georgetown in May 2022. "Congratulations to Tino," wrote his mom, Princess Marie-Chantal, on Instagram. His dad also posted a proud tribute on the social media site, writing, "Congratulations so proud of you today Tino."

He's done some modeling

While it still remains to be seen what sort of career Prince Constantine Alexios will pursue, he can already add "model" to his resume. Per Hola!, he once posed for fashion photographer Nikolai von Bismarck for the book "The Dior Sessions." 

Prince Constantine Alexios' foray into fashion was for a good cause. The men's fashion book was created to raise money for the Teenage Cancer Trust, which, per its website, is a U.K. charity dedicated to helping cancer patients between the ages of 13 and 24. In addition to providing them with "specialized nursing care and support to get them through it," they strive to ensure that "no young person faces cancer alone."

Prince Constantine Alexios doesn't seem to have done any modeling since the book came out in 2019, but there's still the possibility that we might see him on the runway one day. His sister, Princess Olympia, has already made a name for herself as a model, so if he does go that route he will be in good company.

Prince Constantine's parents have an epic love story

Prince Constantine Alexios doesn't appear to be romantically involved with anyone, and if he is, he's keeping the details of that relationship under wraps. People dreaming of ending up with the swoon-worthy royal can rest assured that romance runs in his veins — at least, if his parents' relationship is any indication.

As noted by Vanity Fair, Crown Prince Pavlos of Greece and Denmark met his future wife in 1992 when he was set up on a date with Marie-Chantal Miller, the London-born daughter of billionaire Robert Miller. While they were both from wealthy backgrounds, that's where the similarities ended. Prince Pavlos was a royal without a throne, while Marie-Chantal was a self-professed "third-culture kid" who had "an American father, a South American mother ... grew up in Hong Kong [and] went to school in Europe."

The two were instantly smitten with each other. Marie-Chantal told Vanity Fair, "It was love at first sight. I knew that he was the person I would marry." As for Pavlos, he recalled, "The moment I saw Marie-Chantal, I said, 'well, this is what I've been looking for.'" The two have been going strong ever since, and their contrasting personalities — "I bring all this energy, and he gives me all this calm," said Marie Chantal — are well-suited. The two were married in 1995 in a memorable wedding that included Queen Elizabeth II bending down to adjust the bride's train before a photo (via Town & Country).