How The September 25 New Moon Will Affect You If You're A Libra

While full moons may be the most famous of the lunar phases thanks to countless legends, modern folk tales, and astrology, new moons can be an equally powerful time, just in an inverse way. If the full moon is the point in the lunar cycle where building energies have come fully to fruition, the new moon is where those energies begin (via Goop). For those who believe in the power of the full moon, the new moon is the time to set the intentions and plant the "seeds" that will grow and be ready to harvest by the time the full moon comes along. 

If the full moon is a time of harvest, celebration, and outward energy, then the new moon is the time of introspection, planning, and intention setting. For those who follow astrology, it is understood that each new moon will affect each sign of the zodiac differently, depending which sign the new moon is occurring in.  

September 25 is Libra Season

Currently, we are in the season of Libra, which just began on September 23 (via The Beacon). Libra is represented by the sign of the scales and is all about balance and harmony. As such, Libra season will require and inspire all of us to reevaluate how we are balancing our priorities in each area of our lives. Professionally, personally, and romantically, if something is out of balance, it is going to make itself unavoidably known at this time so that we have the opportunity to deal with it, make changes, and restore peaceful harmony to any part of our lives that feels out of whack. 

If you are a Libra, this is your season! You, as the harmony-loving, beauty-seeking, justice-valuing person you are are likely to feel these energies most at this time. The new moon is a perfect time to go inward and start sorting out these ideas, feelings, and needs. It's time to make plans and set intentions to re-balance your inner self and outer world. 

How the September 25 new moon will affect Libra

The September 25 new moon happens in your first house, Libra, which means it will have you focusing heavily on new beginnings and serious big-picture concepts like your identity and direction (via Mind Body Green). You're going to feel the energies of this moon twice as hard as everyone else, which means you have a major opportunity here to create fresh starts and new beginnings in any area of your life you see fit. 

The seeds you plant at this time and the intentions you set will have power over the next six months of your life, so rather than using this new moon to envision what you want to grow, create, be, and do over the next couple of weeks, you can use it to consider those things in the bigger picture and into the coming new year. What old beliefs are you holding about yourself, your limitations, your boundaries, or your desires that are no longer quite in alignment with who you are now and what you want? This is the time to reevaluate who you believe yourself to be, versus who you are becoming. Allow yourself to dream big, plan proudly, and shoot for the stars, Libra. This your time!