How The September 25 New Moon Will Affect You If You're A Capricorn

Believe it or not, the moon can have some major effects in different areas of your life, including your energy and even your health. Specific events in the lunar cycle can have an astounding impact especially, and each can correspond with significant changes or influences on certain zodiac signs, per Refinery29. The outlet explains that big lunar events like new moons and full moons can bring on noticeable shifts in your life, depending on which zodiac sign the moon becomes aligned with. At 5:55 p.m. ET on September 25, the new moon in the Libra zodiac sign will reach its peak, according to PopSugar.

For every sign, this September new moon in Libra will have unique and varying effects — especially Capricorns. Spiritually speaking, the new moon on September 25 will shift the focus of all zodiac signs to the main focuses typical of Libras — balance, harmony, and relationships (per Bustle). The outlet also reports that new moons typically signify new beginnings, and because this new moon in Libra is also coming up on the cusp of the fall season, there are plenty of reasons to set your sights on what's ahead. To do this effectively, figuring out how this moment of new beginning will affect your zodiac sign can help, so here's how the new moon in Libra will affect you if you're a Capricorn.

Another cosmic event requires gaining some clarity

During the September 25 new moon, Mercury will still be in retrograde (per Bustle), signaling that a shroud of confusion may fall over the fresh new moon energy. If you're a Capricorn, according to Co-Star, there's no doubt you're success-minded, and possibly even a "workaholic" who puts a lot of value in your career and goals. While the new moon brings about a sense of new beginnings and provides inspiration and energy for manifesting what you want to come in the future, Mercury retrograde forces us to take a look backward — and can sometimes alter your path or cause regression in what you want to achieve (per Vogue).

For Capricorns with their planning and goal-oriented mindset, the new moon and Mercury retrograde may work in tandem quite well to help you reevaluate and plan out what you want in your life and career (via Bustle). If you're a Capricorn, consider what you want your life and career to look like over the next few months, or even the next year. While Vogue reports that Mercury retrograde does often cause confusion and makes it difficult to set goals, make plans, or understand what you really want to manifest, the new moon in Libra and beginning of Libra season brings about the balance that the sign is centered around (via Co-Star). This sense of balance and harmony can help career-focused Capricorns to set achievable goals, and have the clarity of mind to start striving toward them.

Another Libra trait will be a certain focus for Capricorns

According to Co-Star, Libras are serious about their relationships. With the new moon being in Libra on September 25, this focus is amplified for all the zodiac signs — especially if you're a Capricorn. While Capricorns are often focused on themselves, their careers, and their goals (via Co-Star), this new moon will harness Libra's energy and cause Capricorns to shift their focus to their connections and relationships (per Elite Daily). The outlet reports that while the sign is normally focused on their own goals and successes, forming new connections or growing existing connections in the workplace can bring about plenty of creative ideas and bring out the best traits of Capricorns.

In addition to the confusion Mercury retrograde can cause, StyleCaster shares that it can also begin to cause unexpected issues and conflicts to pop up, which can certainly throw a wrench in Capricorn's meticulous goal planning and work ethic. The outlet explains that this chaos and feeling of instability can cause you to question your goals and expertise if you're a Capricorn, so it may be a good idea to bring in a focus on those aforementioned relationships and reach out to a mentor or friend who can remind you of all you know, and all you have yet to learn.