How To Handle The Three Retrogrades Of The New Year

It is common, after a bad day, to hear someone say, "Oh, Mercury must be in retrograde." Well, get ready, because this year starts off with three different planets in retrograde.

According to The New York Post, a planet that's in retrograde seems to be traveling backwards, due to the speed of Earth's rotation. The closer a planet is, the shorter the retrograde will be, and the farther away, the longer.


Astrology uses planets to prophesize, so when a planet's direction or speed changes, what it rules may also change. That being said, read up on the retrogrades that are currently taking place, in order to know what to expect and in order to explain some of the shifts you may be feeling in your life right now! Because, as stated by Elite Daily, a retrograde shows us what has always been there as time passes and the truth is finally revealed.

Uranus, Venus, and Mercury are all in or about to be in retrograde

We hear the word "retrograde" and assume everything will go south, but these can bring about growth and realizations, as pointed out by Elite Daily.

First up is Uranus, with its retrograde lasting from August 19, 2021 to January 18, 2022. As an outer planet, the effects may not be as strong. However, this is the planet of rebellion and individuality, so feel free to embrace all those feelings of originality.


Between December 19, 2021 and January 29, 2022, Venus is in retrograde, and it has to do with relationships and finances. Therefore, you may want to examine the bonds you have with friends, family members, and significant others, and you may want to use this time to set some budgeting and saving goals for the year.

Finally, good ol' Mercury retrograde is January 14 to February 3 of 2022. This is an inner planet that moves quickly, so you will probably definitely feel some impact. In particular, areas like communication and logic may be affected. So keep an open mind, think before you speak, and get ready to sort through any chaos.