How Libra Season Will Affect You If You're An Aquarius

Even if you reside in a state where the weather pretty much stays static, the zodiac seasons are forever changing. September 23 ushers in Libra season and it runs until October 22. Libra season is exciting because it strives to make important parts in your life better and more stable (via Women's Health).

During Libra season, all the signs will work toward becoming more balanced, a key Libra trait. Since most of us tend to focus on one life area a bit too much, whether it be work, friends, or even fun, Libra season will have you attempting to strike a balance between key areas in your life.

On the romantic side, you may also notice a change. Libra is quite possibly the sign that is most invested in relationships and values romantic love. It is the sign of partnership and marriage, and one of Libra's goals is to find a good lifelong partner (via Zodiac Sign).

Though Libra season affects us all, it has a particular influence on Aquarius.

Aquarius will meet new people and gain different perspectives

Aquarius is known for needing a good deal of freedom in their life (via Allure). They're not ones to be put in boxes and they get bored easily. To put it simply, the air sign doesn't just enjoy change, they require it to feel alive. For that reason alone, Libra season lights up an Aquarian's mind like no other.

Libra season will enable curious Aquarius to meet a lot of new people and form friendships, which may or may not turn into romantic relationships. Since love is high on Libra's priority list, it's a distinct possibility that one of these new acquaintances may turn into something more.

However, that's not what will delight Aquarius as much as the simple joy found in connecting with new minds and perspectives to enjoy deep conversations (via Co-Star Astrology). The best part is that these new people will teach Aquarius more about the world and cause them to broaden their knowledge, something the water bearer values greatly.

Mercury retrograde will be heavy on Aquarius' heart

On the downside, Libra season isn't purely positive since mercury retrograde arrives to stir things up. Starting on September 23, Aquarius may revisit a past heartache. They may be unable to stop recounting the loss of an important person in their life no matter how hard they try otherwise (via Stylecaster). However, it might also be a loss of a situation or opportunity.

Still, now is the time to fully feel those feelings in order to fully get over the hurt and disappointment. Since Aquarians excel at hiding their feelings, as per Mindful Life, it appears as though they've been stifling their pent-up hurt and frustration for too long. This is why emotions are bubbling over during the mercury retrograde.

Though it may be difficult, ridding themselves of the pain will prove to be a cathartic experience for the air sign, and help them reach a brand new level of peace and calm.