How Libra Season Will Affect You If You're A Gemini

Libra season is in full swing. It officially started on September 23 and will be going strong until October 22 (via Them). This particular zodiac season ushers in autumn and can help everyone tap into their own personal Libra energy and traits. Libras are known as very social people who like to be surrounded by others and feed off of their vibes. So all the members of the zodiac might feel pulled to get out of the house and head out on the town for a bit of fun, or even host their own gathering as the fall season kicks off.

Libras are also all about balance and harmony and that energy may be flying high during their birthday season, rubbing off on other zodiac signs as well (via Women's Health). This could inspire many to create a to-do list, clean and organize their living space, tweak their self-care routine, and get the pieces of their lives in order to live a more harmonized existence.

"Because of Libra season having such a heavy reflective energy right now, it's important to stay focused, expect challenges to arise, and know that it's all happening for your greatest good and highest plan with these six retrogrades happening," astrologer Imani Quinn tells Mind Body Green. Meanwhile, if you're a Gemini, this could be a very productive time in your life.

Gemini will likely feel productive during Libra season

If you were born under the zodiac sign of Gemini (May 21 to June 20), Libra season may be a highly productive time for you. According to Them, late September through mid-October will have you feeling motivated to get things done. Don't try to fight these productive feelings. Instead, roll with them and do any and everything that you feel the need to do. This spark of energy will help you go into the final months of the year feeling energized and likely help you get things in order as 2023 creeps closer.

Of course, it may be hard to do some of the things that you want to do on your own. This is where you'll need to call in someone you can trust. Perhaps you have a friend in the sign of Virgo, as they are known to be highly organized, hard-working, and detail-oriented, per Vice. They're sure to help you get all the things done and at the very least, offer you some great advice about where to start.

"The main thing to pay attention to for Libra season is harmonizing and finding balance — the goal is harmony and bringing balance to all areas of life right now," astrologer Imani Quinn tells Mind Body Green, revealing that getting things in order is just what you may need this fall.

Gemini should focus on self-care during Libra season

Gemini might also find it very beneficial to do some major self-reflection during Libra season. This could prove to be a very important time when it comes to relationships, whether they be with friends, family, coworkers, or a romantic partner. Being social is what Libras thrive on, so feeling those vibes is likely for many members of the zodiac. However, when you're making new connections or strengthening bonds, it will be emotional and draining. Spending some time alone to rest and recharge can be helpful during these moments, and prioritizing mental health is also a good idea.

"Libra season will be time to take a look at who is in your life, why they are there, and whether your own needs are being fulfilled in the most important relationships you have," astrologer Leslie Hale tells Refinery29, adding that getting rid of drama and creating a better flow in relationships could be key during the autumn season. Allure reminds Geminis that happiness is what life is all about and that putting your own needs first is very acceptable, especially when it comes to love.

It seems that Gemini will have a lot to do during Libra season, but that things will be looking bright for the air sign.