If You're An Gemini, Do This Self-Care Routine

Being a Gemini is hard. People misconceive you, but even you know you have your good and bad traits. And that's okay because every sign does! But sometimes people see only the negatives and not the fully fleshed person underneath the star sign. There are also positives to the Zodiac and being a Gemini. Being a Gemini can even tell you who you should marry or what kind of workout routine is best for you!

Unfortunately, your Zodiac sign can also say a lot about your health. For a Gemini, this means you may experience more coughs and colds than your 11 counterparts (via Healthline). You may also experience more neck pain than other signs simply due to the fact that you speak with your body language so much. Geminis may even have increased chances of struggling with anxiety, insomnia, and nervous exhaustion, per Healthline.

Why this all sounds really bad, it just means that Geminis need to be really in tune with their bodies. They have to know how to take care of themselves, which includes some self-care that can keep their energies, vibrations, and overall health in their peak states.

For a Gemini, altering one daily task could change their world

If you're a Gemini, participating in an active self-care routine is paramount. For example, according to California Psychics, Geminis require time to do whatever they want. If they get too bogged down and don't have this time, they become irritable. To remedy this, Geminis should set apart time each morning to simply do as they please. "As long as it makes sense to them, and it gets their day started off right, that's all the routine that Gemini really needs," the outlet explained.

Geminis should also invest time into learning, as they always want more knowledge. "When it comes to self-care of the mind, Gemini doesn't discriminate between information that can help them solve a problem and interesting facts that they can use during trivia night at the bar; both have equal weight to the Twins," California Psychics explained.

Moreover, a Gemini needs to monitor their sleep to keep their mind at bay. This is the ultimate self-care tip for a Gemini, as their sleep schedule can vary drastically. Instead of sleeping a lot one night and a little the next, Geminis should "aim for six hours of sleep a night."

This exercise could be a game changer for every Gemini

For a Gemini, many kinds of exercise could change their world. For example, California Psychics recommended that a Gemini try Zumba or circuit training to really get them going. However, one simpler exercise could clear their mind and bolster their energy. According to StyleCaster, Geminis need to go on meditative walks to help all facets of their wellbeing — and they specifically said that these walks must exclude headphones.

"You love movement, and a walk for you can be incredibly healing. But to get the maximum self-care benefit, you need to use this time wisely," StyleCaster explained. "Just you and your thoughts. See where they take you. Many a problem will [have] been solved on a walk with zero distractions."

Outside of walks, why not try a manicure? According to California Psychics, popping into a local nail salon can be very therapeutic for a Gemini, especially if they use their hands all day for their profession, whether they're working hands-on or typing.

Hopefully these recommendations bring a little more clarity to how Geminis can destress, weave moments of peace into their days, and become happier than ever.